Learning Lego Robotics with TMSpecial

Thomas Mueller (TMSpecial) has been teaching boys how to use Lego Robotics. I love the encomiable action that he has taken.


They look so happy!


I hope they have a good Christmas! Thank you TMSecial. Check his gallery here!


Cybertronic Neighbourhood

Nathaniel Brill (Also known as Shuppiluliumas in FlickR) has made a huge Lego diorama for Brickworld 2013. This fantastic MOC is a Cyberapocalypse City. See:

Cyberpocalypse at Brickworld 2013

Cyberpocalypse at Brickworld 2013

It just looks awesome! Loots of details, pieces, big size… Anything we can imagine. Let´s see it closer.

Water Level

At night it looks really scary… That´s the water level.

Henry's Supply Chain

Henry´s supply chain. The shop of the area :P.

The last photo had little details that I loved. Did you see the ventilator over the shop? Amazing.

Water Level - Boat Dock and Bar

The Bar of the Town and the Boat Dock: “There were public boat tie ups all over water level. The interior docks were all privately owned, though. It was best not to linger too long near those.”
– Antonio Cipollini, Gondolier

He also gives us a story of the city. In my sincere opinion this is one of the best MOCs we have seen thorugh this 2013. Well done Nathan!

There are a lot more photos, but I cannot show you everyone. Please, check his FlickR Gallery.

This wonderful Lego layout can be seen in August, at Brickfair 2013, Virginia.

Water Level - Elevation

Have you seen many Cybertronic/Apocalypse layouts made out of Lego this year?

Lego Skoda Felicia – 1959 – Czechoslovakia

Skoda Felicia - 1959 - Czechoslovakia
lego911, a flickr user has made it. It is a digital model, but it looks crazily great. I hope to see it as a real lego moc soon!

Skoda Felicia - 1959 - CzechoslovakiaThe design, colours… There are some great mocs out there nowadays.

Skoda Felicia - 1959 - Czechoslovakia

And it even has a backround! Congrats lego911!

Check his gallery here for more photos.

Paddy, where is the lunch?

Ms. Paddy.

Paddy, an Irish waitress made by Lego Junkie. He has achieved great curved shapes and a very realistic human size.

Blake Belladonna, RWBY "Black"

He has various designs out there. And they are all wonderful. You should really check his gallery :). You can do so here.

Sitting down Lego minifigures

Have you ever wondered how to make a Lego sitting down minifigure? Well, it seems that the Flickr user zgrredek has found the right way to do it.

His creation is composed of just 16 pieces plus the head and torso. And it really looks like a Lego witch sitting on a chair!

Zgrredek is well known of using different Lego bricks to simulate minifig torsos and legs. This is another example of it.


Did you look at the feet? Quite real, isn´t it? You should check his gallery here: zgrredek


The evil bunny has came!


This emotive photo was taken by Ishumi, an HispaLUG user and a AFOL fan. The use of this bunny of the Lego minifig series is astonishing… And the apple logo fits perfectly. Congrats!

Lego Miguelete from Valencia

Sehjo is a Spanish AFOL whose objective is to build the most famous landmarks from Valencia, Spain, in Lego. He is achieving it…

"El Miguelete" y puerta Barroca

His creation was featured on the famous Lego blog “The Brothers Brick”!!!

I am very proud of this Spanish AFOL, which is doing great on making our comunity famous.

Even the Simpsons were there!

You can see the original article here. I hope you liked his creation!

He has also been featured on yiharuablog with this Medieval Wall.

Lego Shardstar spaceship

Ironsniper from FlickR has made a really impressive Lego spaceship. It actually reminds me of the Star Wars Laat, but in yellow colour.

I hope you like it! You can check more photos of this Lego author on FlickR

Are you hungry?

The sandwich that eats like a meal.

I have recently found Angus McLane FlickR photostream. This hamburger made out of lego (And Star Wars pieces… :D) impressed me a lot!

Lego Alien Landscape

Early explorations of Foogara-7

I have never thought of Lego Alien landscapes, but now I believe they exist… And they don´t only exist, they have a really high quality…

Early explorations of Foogara-7 - Additional Views

This one, made by the FlickR user Brickthing, has delighted me. The sensation of being at a non-human planet is incredible. The use of pieces expresses perfectly the alien theme. I hope you like it as much as me, and that some thay you and me make this type of creation.

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