New Lego GBCs

Here at YB we are always glad to present new Lego GBCs. ANd today is one of that days. The youtuber 05yattaran has posted some new and elegant Lego GBcs in his youtube page:

Although this module may not seem to be technically complicated, when we aproach to the rear part of it we can see the gearbox which changes the speed.

GBCers used to used a Lego Speed Regulator for this function but it is an old piece and not easy to find, so this solution is brilliant!

This second module is not as complicated as the previous one, but I like it as well. The colours used and the style of the Lego Pieces he has used has impressed me.

Thank you for your Lego GBCs!

The latest genius by Akiyuki

Akiyuki, as most of you know, is the most succesfull Lego GBC builder in the world. His latest creation is a ball activated module. A really clever idea, which is typical on him. I am pretty sure you will enjoy the video ;). 

Lego Liftarm Sorter, by Akiyuki

Akiyuky, the famous GBCer and Technic master from Youtube, has made a wonderful new creation. We have previously seen his axle sorter (Click Here).

This time, the Liftarm Sorter is as good… Please, see it:

Where is Akiyuki´s imagination? I am amazed by him.

(Yet) another Lego Monorail

The latest weeks have been so productive for Lego Monorail makers. We have seen many of this mocs on Yiharuablog (Click here for them) and now the famous Youtuber and AFOL Ishowaga Yoshihito has made another model.

And it works perfectly as well. The system is different compared to the latests, but it is wonderful. I suggested him to use the old 4.5 V Lego Train Tracks, to have bigger layouts in less space.

This are the tracks I was talking about

What do you tthink? Are the Lego Monorails a reliable option in future lego city layouts?

Pata-pata : LEGO Technic

By ISOGAWAYoshihito, the famous youtuber. That Lego insect is fabolous!

Lego Pipe Organ

Masao Hidaka is a famous youtuber whose main objective is to make a lego line for music instruments… The Lego ideas that he has are great. This time I present you his Lego Pipe Organ. 🙂

Lego Tic-Tac sound generator

After a huge article, I present you a creation by ISOGAWAYoshihito, a fantastic and famous Lego Technic youtuber. This time, he has made a Lego Tic-Tac sound generator. Smart idea that i have never seen converted into Lego…

(For some strange reason Isogawa doesnt allow us to put the video here… Click on the link. -1 for him)

I hope you liked it!

He allows us to put the first version of it:


Smart, isn´t it?

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