Sariel’s Roman Ballista in Lego

Hi eberybody! After the small vacation time of yesterday here we are again with a fantastic Ballista system by the so famous Sariel.

Its incredible how easy is for him to made Lego creations… Anyway, congrats for ir!

Sariel´s Tank Transporter

The famous Lego Technic mocer Sariel has made an incredible creation again. He is well know of mixing Lego Technic with a fantastic Lego System design. This means, with not technical pieces. Just see.

This is the “KZKT 7428 Rusich”, a Russian transporter. And its Lego version is amazing.

As you will see in the next pic, it is controlled with a joystick. However, the tank that goes on top of it is controlled by the Power Functions system.

The weight of all the batteries should be considerable. 3 rachargable batteries and a Lego Mindstorms brick aren´t light.

Well, the traction looks very easy to make. But if we look at it closely, we can see what is it like…

Very interesting as I said. Two Lego Mindstorms motors controll the speed and the steering. One of them is conected to an linear actuator so both parts of it can steer easily.

Finally, Sariel offers us a video. Here you will discover all the tricks of this amazing creation by the Lego genious.

I hope you liked it!

Lego K2 Black Panther tank

Posted Image

For sure it wasn´t! Sariel, or Searme, surprise us with another creation of high quality. I really encourage you to see this Lego Tank on action on this video.

This is incredible… The suspension system is totally new, never seen. Wow, searme, wow…

You can check the original article at his webpage:

Lego Technic Motorized Tracked Transporter

Searme/Sariel presents us a new creation. As usual it is very professional and well designed, and the music of the video fits perfectly. 10/10. Thank you searme!

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