The Bike Lego Monster

Bike Monster 1

This creation, made by Carlmerriam is a great example of how lego pieces can be combined…

Bike Monster 2

I really love the feet of the Humanoid/monster. And the wheels are great as well. The orange colour fits perfectly with him :D.

Thank you for sharing this with us! This is the gallery: Carlmerriam

Lego Skoda Felicia – 1959 – Czechoslovakia

Skoda Felicia - 1959 - Czechoslovakia
lego911, a flickr user has made it. It is a digital model, but it looks crazily great. I hope to see it as a real lego moc soon!

Skoda Felicia - 1959 - CzechoslovakiaThe design, colours… There are some great mocs out there nowadays.

Skoda Felicia - 1959 - Czechoslovakia

And it even has a backround! Congrats lego911!

Check his gallery here for more photos.

HZ transport MAN TGX

“Two years ago I built a green Scania with a stepframe trailer, which I was really happy about at the time. However, since then I’ve decided that rather than having my truck models be generic, I want them to represent a particular trucks operated by particular companies. Furthermore, I want to use the green parts for something else.

HZ transport MAN TGX (1)

A couple of months ago, I started looking for other trucks with similar stepframe trailers in a different colour. As my luck would have it, the driver of just such a truck ended up getting stuck in the street in front of my house, due to building work blocking his path. The turn-circle of the truck wasn’t sufficient for him to take a narrow side-street to escape, so the poor guy had to back up hundreds of meters greatly aggravating the half a dozen other drivers who had driven into the street and were stuck behind him. I got a good view of the truck in the process. It was perfect. It had a blue stepframe trailer and, also interesting, it was an MAN and I didn’t have one of those in my collection yet.”

HZ transport MAN TGX (2)

I dont have words for this fantastic creation. The author, Mad Physicist, has made a jewel. This moc is incredible.

HZ transport MAN TGX (5)

More photos can be seen here.

Lego Technic RC Grass Mower

Gerardhogenhout has made a fantastic technic vehicle. We are always proud of the technic creations on this blog, and this is a very good one.

Not in green, but the red colour scheme fits right. Green is very expensive on bricklink.

“The mower with raised mowers. To prevent the mowers sticking out from the MOC, the mowers had to be only 4 studs high! Therefore, not many covering panels were used. Also the 4 studs thickness required special adjustments, especially for the mower’s frame strength.” Very clever i must say.

The down of the vehicle show us all the gears. As you can see, becouse of the weight of the mowers, he had to use worm gears.

And it has, of course, lights.

Finally here you have all the systems included in the vehicle:

And a list of all the functions.

Functions overview
Electric functions

-Full IR RC PF remote driving and steering
-300 RPM blade turning (RC, race buggy motor)
-RC side mowers lifting
-RC front mower lifting
-4×2 PF leds
Manual functions
-extra raising front mower sides by 4 point hitch
-opening ‘hidden’ cabin door
-opening 2-piece bonnet”

Thank you for this moc gerard!!!

You can see more info and photos of the moc here.


Very special Vipper, memorial of Nnen, a Vipper maker. Valgarise has made it so special and its great, with beautiful colors and well designed. Well done!

Lego Novvember

Lego Novvember

The pilot fits perfectly in the cabin.

And finally the rear part.

More photos can be seen here.

Nortebrick 2013March 23rd, 2012
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