Lego Marvel Superheroes pre-release

Enjoy this video of the presentation of the Lego Videogame “Lego Marvel Superheroes” at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). The game actually looks great!

Do you know everyone?

Facebook is starting to be a interesting resource to find cool Lego Pics. And I really wanted to share the previous one with YIHARUABLOG readers. :).

Lego Iron Man Helmets

With the new iron Man 3 film about to be released some mocers have started to do good creations about Tony Stark and his armour.

This helmets with a huge variety of colours were made by Mr.Attacki. They are a great example of how to use curved pieces…

Ironman 3

Iron Santa Helmet

Would you try to build them? :D.

The details of the lights are really good.

You can see more pics of Attacki here. I hope you liked it!


New Lego Superman minifigure


This new Superman minifigure will come out with the new superheroe film. What do you think about it?

Lego Custom Superheroes IV

4th part! This time I come with two new incorporations, a Lego custom minifig of Martian ManHunter:

And Miss Marvel!

The mask of this pretty girl was made with decals :).

Lego Custom Superheroes III

Third part! Valgarise has also made a great custom minifig of Mercury!

Quite interesting scene ;).

Some information about Mercury:

“Mercury (Cessily Kincaid) is a fictional character from Marvel Comic‘s X-Men series. She is a teenage member of the student body at the Xavier Institute and a recurring member of the X-Men. She first appeared in New Mutants, vol. 2 #2 in August 2003.”

Previous part here.

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Lego Custom Superheroes II

This time, continueing with the series of custom minifigs of Valgarise, I present you Hulka!

And I will give you a plus (Becouse I did not post anything yestarday. Sorry! :E)

Yes, it is Black Spiderman, in a Lego Version.

This Lego custom superheroes posts will continue next week. See you!

Previous Lego Superheroe: Lego Shazam

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