History of the (Lego) World

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An amazing MOC by Lasse Vestegard, one of the Danish authors that has been several times featured at YB!

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The explanation for this Lego MOC should not be missed ;). You can check it at Eurobricks.

12 Lego Citroen 2CV

Hoexbroe, a Danish member of HispaLUG must have an obsession… He has made all the posible Lego Citroen 2CV in pure colors! 9 complete vehicles…

A complete rainbow :D. He also h as 3 vehicles with combined colours.

And finally I give you a fact: one of the lime colour pieces costs 21€… Hoexbroe should have a good economy!

You can check the original article here.

How to start with Lego Model Team

Lasse Deleuran, an AFOL from Denmark, has huge knowledge about Lego Model Team. His hobby is to make trucks of that style by his own, with the Model Team scale. But actual trucks. In the next video he tells us all the tricks about Lego Model Team.

Oh! And he also gives instructions to make that fantastic truck. Thank you Lasse!

ANd finally, this is the link to download the instructions of that Model Team Truck: Click!

The Lego sayings

Have you ever wondered if Lego has any type of sayings? You know, those phrases that you save for special moments like “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” :D.

Could this be one saying about DUPLO?

Well, I feel now happy becouse I was using Twitter when this twit came across me.

And it was wonderful for me. Great twit, great phrase, great lego saying. Svend is a lego Ambassador, and I take my hat off. Well done.

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