Peleliu battle, in Lego by Daniel Siskind

Peleliu Display 31

“Brickmania display at Brickfair NE. Can you spot the new BrickArms’ Japanese prototype weapons?”

Peleliu Display 33

How much money is put into the 1×1 round plates that cover the see? Wow!

Peleliu Display 34

The ability of Brickmania to make big and wonderful displays is admirable.

You can find more here.

Support the Brickmania Lego Track Links

Support the Brickmania Track Links™ Kickstarter Project. The original article of the most wonderful idea about Lego I have ever heard. You may be wondering, what are Track Links?

Brickmania Track Links will come in two different widths: Single and double (single is the same width as a LEGO brick, double is twice as wide).That is the answer! This fantastic and new tracks will be produced by Brickmania as soon as they reach the Kikstarter goal, 50k dollars.


The links would be produced in two ways: They could be one or two bricks wide.

I can only say well done brickmania. I love your sets, your creations, I follow Siskind on Flickr and you do great things for the fan community. And this is one of them. Thank you, guys.

You can support the project on kikstarter here.

Unique Lego M24 Chaffee

Daniel Siskind, the brickmania main designer, is the author of this Lego Tank MOC. I must admitt that he has done it quite well…

Green M24 Chaffee
We have to mention that there is a very limited variety of Lego green pieces out there, but he has done it with such small stock…

The green Lego Toy Story soldiers will be happy :D.

Lego Dodge WC54 Ambulance

I have always wanted to do one of this, and i have some ldd projects on my computer, but Daniel Siskind has made it faster than me!

WC54 Ambulance - 1

And it looks nice. The decal of the backdoor is something neccesary, as we couldnt do it with standard lego pieces.

WC54 Ambulance - 2

It has plenty of details. You will see.

WC54 Ambulance - 3

Isnt it nice? It will probably be a brickmania set this year. Hoping the price is not so high! :E

Nortebrick 2013March 23rd, 2012
The big day is here.