MOCs – My Own Creations

MOC stands for My Own Creations. In this section you will find an assortment of the greater MOC´s that are on the net. All of them have been featured at one time at YiharuaBlog.

0- Lego GBC Accelerator Module

-Click here for the instructions

1- Lego Porsche 930 “Ultra detailed”

-Click here for the instructions

2- Lego M4A3 Sherman

-By Yiharua. Click Here for the instructions (LDD archive in .lxf format)

3- Lego GBC Ball Pump

Lego GBC Ball Pump

-By Yiharua. Click Here for instructions in .lxf format (LDD Archive).

4-Lego GBC Rotating Module

-By Yiharua: Click Here for instructions in .lxf format (LDD Archive). Part list also available here.

5- Lego GBC “The Wave”

-By Nico71: Click Here for instructions.

6- Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

-By Sariel: Click Here

7- Lego Land Rover Chassis

-By Sariel: Click Here

8- Lego Octopod

-By Sariel: Click Here

9- Lego Crossbow

-By Infrablue427: Click here.

10- Lego Insect/Octopod

-By Ishowaga Yoshito: Click Here

11- Lego Modular Medieval Tower and Wall

-Tower, by Yiharua: Click Here

-Wall, by Sehjo: Click Here

12- Lego QF 6 Pounder

-By Yiharua, Click here.

13- Lego GBC ROD

Posted Image

-By Parda, Click Here.

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