The Desolation of Smaug, Lego Trailer

The next film of the Hobbit saga is about to come out, and our mates from BrotherhoodWorkshop have just made the Lego trailer of the second film: The Desolation of Smaug. Enjoy!

Balin´s Tomb

Difool-73 is a Spanish Mocer that was at NorteBrick 2013. I am proud to say that this MOC was first viewed in the exhibition of León. Such a great quality should be posted on Yiharuablog, and here it is.

The FlickR gallery available at the end.

It has so many details. As the author mentions, it originally was a modification of the set 9473 from Lego TLOTR, but it turned into a complete MOC of more than 3000 pieces.

The image is totally recognisable, aragon fighting with the ogre, jumping from a rock.

What I most love of Difool is his ability to make the minifigures “move”. The look like they are really fighting.

There are all the famous characters.

I love this last picture! 😀

Thank you Difool for sharing with us a wonderful moc like this!

You can check the complete FlickR gallery of Difool here.

Lego Tower of Orthanc designers video

Here we have it: the designers video of the Lego Orthanc Tower. It is the new LOTR Lego set that will be released on 2H 2013. Enjoy!

But I would like this tower instead :P.20130428-214951.jpg

Lego TLOTR Orthanc Tower

I have found at HispaLUG some new photos about a new Lego TLOTR set… The Orthanc Tower in Lego! And it is an official set!
It is 73 cm high. I am quite surprised about it. Some months ago I heard rumours about it… But now it is real. A Lego Orthan Tower.
Apparently, it will be presented this eeekend at Arte’m Pecas, a Portuguesse Lego event.
Other rumours state that it’ll have the huge quantity of 2400 Lego pieces, with a cost of 200 €/$.

How do you find it? Will you buy it? It looks great to me. And what is more, it sounds great to me: a Lego TLOTR Orthanc Tower… Wow! 🙂

Lego EPIC BATTLES: Cavetroll vs. Goblin King

BrotherhoodWorkshop, a youtuber, has achieved one of the best lego shorts i have ever seen. The movement of the Lego troll and the Lego goblin king are incredible! What a work?

And, who do you think that should win? 😀

Same author as the Lego TLOTR Harlem Shake we saw on this blog: This one

Lego Harlem Shake

Legoland Florida Harlem Shake

Hi everybody! There have been posted a variety of versions about Lego and the Harlem Shake, a stupid-impossible-to-understund but happy movement…

This is the first one i have found. Goblin style Harlem Shake, about Lego Lord of the Rings… Quite amazing…

This one is the worst ever! Legoland Florida workers dancing the Harlem Shake! Wow!

There is a Lego Star Wars Version as well… Why do we see a nude storm trooper? Unbelievable :P.

I hope you liked the post but NOT this horrible movement. (Even if it makes you laugh :P)

Resist dwarfs! Resist to die!

Incredible Lego TLOTR scene of the end of the Hobbit.

More photos can be seen here.

Enjoy the day!

Lego TLOTR Gloin

Maxi-sized Lego version of the famous dwarf of the Hobbit film.


Madly well recreated in the lego version! You can find it on flickr.

I hope you liked it.

Dwarves Gold Mine

By Wiwaedu.

Only dwarves can find gold in the most isolated places…

And the same happens with lego Dwarves. Fantastic Moc by Wiwa.

But there is live in this Lego mine!

You can find more photos here and here.

Enjoy this Monday!

Hobitton in a circle

Fantastic creation by Brick Vader of a round Hobbiton made out of Lego. All fits perfectly! Tha animals, the road, the house… Very nice.

Hobbiton in a circle


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