The perfect (Lego) present for Christmas

A reindeer in a buble all together in a Christmas Tree, and it is Lego. What else do you want? :D.

This is the latest Lego polybag that has appeared. It will be released this summer with the code 850852.

Hope you liked it!

Lego mixed Deer

Wow! It is not christmas but this moc makes me feeling like it is!


The oneman, a flickr user, has made it, and it is just wonderful! Blue, withe, red… Look the legs. They make it really smooth.


I hope you liked it! Share it!



Santa´s faces

Who said that Santa has only one face?

Enjoy the day and happy new year from Yiharuablog!

Taken from here.

Happy Christmas with Lego Technic!

Enjoy this day!

Lego Postcard



Happy Christmas again! And it is not the end of the world ;).



Oh! And we have a very important aniversary. Yiharuablog reaches a year of life! Thank all of you who had made this possible ;).

Happy Holidays


Dont worry, i will continue doing articles ;).

Biggest Lego Snowman ever

Just see! You need to be very patient to build one of this :).


Nortebrick 2013March 23rd, 2012
The big day is here.