Party Stormtrooper

Party! …sad stormtrooper #lego 

I guess he is happy… But I cannot distinguish… :).

Photo found on the ALE Facebook page.

Custom Lego Star Wars

Checking my FlickR I came around with some really interesting Lego Star Wars pics.
FlickR user Manatarms has made an impressive (WIP?) moc of General Grievous. This Lego version is so funny!
Custombricks has also made a fantastic job with this Micro Lego R2-D2! Apparently, it uses a similar system to the creeps of Lego Minecraft seets. Very original!

Party Time at the Death Star

20130712-103212.jpgThe Stormtroopers seem to be having a great time in the Death Star… I would like to be with them :).

10236 Ewok´s Village

And here we have it! The Lego Star Wars jewel of this year! This Lego 10236 set has the ammount of 1900 pieces, a huge quantity of minifigs and a price of 250 euros. Is it worth it for you?

10236 Ewok VillageThe design is just amazing. I highly reccomend you to enter this webpage to see a complete gallery of pics about it. 😉

10236 Ewok VillageEnjoy it!


Star Wars Lego Macrofigures

Kazumi and Omar Ovalle have made some really good Lego Macrofigures related to the Star Wars universe, and I admit their quality is aswesome…

Assajj Ventress

It is an uncommon way of making Lego creations… But in my opinion it looks great. In the picure before you can see Asajj Ventress, a Dathomirian Dark Jedi.



Here it is Greedo, the bounty hunter in a Lego version. What do you think? He has made several of this characters.

You can see them here.

Unreal! Obi Wan Starliner

Wow, wow and wow! What an amazing creation! What originality and what use of pieces… Incredible! I love this Lego Jedi Starliner!
I discovered it in the Twitter acount of the AFOL Pimp My Bricks. Totally recommended to be up-to-date in Lego creations :D.

Life sized Lego Darth Vader

This Lego Darth Vader made for the Yoda Chronicles release is takin part in the Lego exhibition at Times Square,
There is a lot of people in Times Square, and the publicity for Lego is aswesome… Here you have a comparative of the Lego X-Wing (With 5.3 million pieces) with the people. Do you remember it of other article?

5.3 million pieces in Time Square

I am just amazed… Today I have found that there is a real size Lego X-Wing in Times Square, New York. Wow!
It is just astonishig. This Lego set is very detailed, and it looks great with that size…
I guess that this new is related to the Yoda Chronicles release…
Anyway, it is fantastic to see this things made with Lego pieces.

Lego Holocron Chamber, exclusive set

TLG has created a series of exclusive sets in order to celebrate the premiere of The Yoda Chronicles, a lego series. Apparently only the sponsors of the series were given this set…
The box is quite original. Inside it we can see a unique set.
Well, in my opinion, it is not so fair that lego produces this set in such a low number… But I understand what means being a sponsor.

Would you like to have one?

Lego Dagobah scene

Bayou has made a unique MOC that depicts Yoda and Luke Skywalker on the planet of Dagobah.

Posted Image

This moc by the eurobricks member started as a project to make something with the Lego X-Wing. He focused as well on finding a way to make water look realistic with lights.

Posted Image

I am quite agree with that. He has achieved a reliable effect with the lights and the transparent pieces that I must mention.

Posted Image

I am not a huge fan of the Star Wars films, neither the Lego Star Wars set, but I must admitt this is one of the bests mocs of the year… (Star Wars mocs, of course. A GBC is always better :P)

Posted Image

Several details were included. It´s amazing what can we do with Lego pieces.

Posted Image

You can see the complete article on eurobricks by clicking here

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