Cybertronic Neighbourhood

Nathaniel Brill (Also known as Shuppiluliumas in FlickR) has made a huge Lego diorama for Brickworld 2013. This fantastic MOC is a Cyberapocalypse City. See:

Cyberpocalypse at Brickworld 2013

Cyberpocalypse at Brickworld 2013

It just looks awesome! Loots of details, pieces, big size… Anything we can imagine. Let´s see it closer.

Water Level

At night it looks really scary… That´s the water level.

Henry's Supply Chain

Henry´s supply chain. The shop of the area :P.

The last photo had little details that I loved. Did you see the ventilator over the shop? Amazing.

Water Level - Boat Dock and Bar

The Bar of the Town and the Boat Dock: “There were public boat tie ups all over water level. The interior docks were all privately owned, though. It was best not to linger too long near those.”
– Antonio Cipollini, Gondolier

He also gives us a story of the city. In my sincere opinion this is one of the best MOCs we have seen thorugh this 2013. Well done Nathan!

There are a lot more photos, but I cannot show you everyone. Please, check his FlickR Gallery.

This wonderful Lego layout can be seen in August, at Brickfair 2013, Virginia.

Water Level - Elevation

Have you seen many Cybertronic/Apocalypse layouts made out of Lego this year?


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