Lego Technic Rock Crawler

Today we have a video day! I found on youtube this Lego Trial Truck made by TamiyaKing01. I let you see the video…

How did you find it? In my opinion this truck is quite complete, with a good design. It wouldn´t have the level of other Lego Trial Trucks but i like it.

I hope you liked it too!

LEGO Technic Monster Truck RC

Even having differentials, i love the design and style of this Lego Technic Truck.

2 XL motors for driving and one servo motor (Both Power Functions) for steering. It is interesting the fact that the differentials allow, this time, to pass not so elevated hills.

I hope you liked it!

Lego Trial Truck Meeting at Eastern Europe

Zblj and other youtube users have made a Lego Technic Trial Truck meeting.

Some strange trcks are shown in the video, but it is nice to see this type of competition from time to time.

Here you hage the video.

Lego Technic Mercedes G

“The concept was to get a capable offroader without renounce a good looking body. To get this goal I has made the decission to use many of the new Power Functions parts.
For the propulsion I used four of the new Pf- L motors. Every wheel is driven by one of the motors”

As the author says it uses the new Power Functions L motors. One to each wheel, wich gives this beast a great power.

You can see the rest of the pics here.

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Lego 4×4 Technic Challenge

Lego has made it! A new technic challenge for us. This one may consist in building a kind of 4×4 or trial truck, and the winner will have his MOC bocemed a set in 2013!

Good luck to everyone! New information will appear this month.

Lego Land Rover Trial Truck

After the fantastic I Technic Weekend I learned a couple of things of the participants (Thanks to all, especially to Sheepo!). I decided to modify the trial truck that had brought. With the advice they gave me I picked up the bottom of the off road for not having problems with rocks under the bottom. In this photo you can see the new bottom:

I also included an openable hood and trunk, where they enter two power functions remote controls.

On the technical side I am very proud of the rear axle. It doesn´t give me many problems and is as wide as the front. Besides, it is very compact: The gears do not have room to slipping.

Sorry about photo quality: when I can I´ll upload another.

I wont complain about the front axle. For traction it uses the same system as the rear axle, and the direction is somewhat more complex. I am less proud of the direction.

Even so in the I Technic Weekend competition it had my best  participation of one of my trials at any time. (Sheepo knows this!)

One last photo:

The suspension is very effective. It only has some shock absorbers on the rear axle, so that the front has a lot of freedom. The shock absorvers are soft. There are 4.

Finally the video:

I hope you like it!

Lego Truck Trial Race

Yes, we have finaly done the trial truck video of the Lego I Technic Weekend! I hole you like it! I am Legorocky96.

Lego Unimog U400 BlackTB Style

The last trial truck made by the member of the spanish lego comuntity blastem. He do an unimog.

The wheels are the biggest made by The Lego Group. The are the puller wheeler wheels. Becouse of the size of this wheels it can pass the obstacles very good, but the size of the whole truck is increased too.

It has the Mercedes symbol in the back. It isn´t lego, but it is Mercedes commissioned.

Here is the back of the truck:

We can seethat it uses one power functions XL motor for driving, and one power functions M motor for steering. It has pendular suspension.

The technic fig is an aswesome gadget in the truck.

I hope you like it.

Nortebrick 2013March 23rd, 2012
The big day is here.