Lego Grand Piano

This Lego Grand Piano, made in Legoland size, has been built by Massao Hidaka, an author that has been on this blog various times. (Click Here)

Idea Image

He has a complete range of pianos on his cuusoo page. Click here to support it. And this is the video. The design is clever, and the size is perfect. Just another good creation by Massao.

I hope you like it!

Lego GBC module : Bucket-wheel Tower

We all know that Akiyuki is the best Lego GBCer of the world, but how can he achieve this levels of difficulty? Even harder, how can he find new, original and impressive GBCs?

Just aswesome, Akiyuki. THE master of Lego GBCs.

Lego Monorail CUUSOO project

Idea Image

Massao Hidaka, a Japanese mocer at the level of the famous Akiyuki, has a CUUSOO project. It is quite brilliant and innovative. His idea is to make a Lego MOnorail, totally functional with the existing Lego pieces.

Idea ImageThe way he curves the monorail impressed me from the start, and i think it is one of the best Lego Monorails I have ever seen; better than the old Lego official ones.

Idea Image

Interesting Technic Mechanism

As we saw in the first photo, he has also created a system to vary the rail where the monorail circulates.

You can support this project on Lego CUUSOO to actually make it a real Lego set.



Lego River Drafting With Real Water

Moc made by midoritamidori. It is quite ingenious, and one of the very first mocs I have seen using the water and lego. (Besides the fantastic Ishowaga Yoshito mocs, always Japanese)

Midori´s moc mix design and functionality perfectly. The use of rotators to keep the flow of water going is very ingenious. And the Lego Power Functions are not seen here. He used a old set of Lego 9V motors and batteries.

Well done! I wish to see more from you!

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