Lego Upgraded Engine shed

Eurobricks member michaelozzie has created a fantastic building which will delight the Lego Train fans.

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This Enginde shed, made out of Lego Bricks, uses some of the last and most liked pieces. The new brick shaped bricks make a wonderfull effect on the walls of the Lego Engine shed.

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I think that every Lego Train fan would love to have one of this on his shelves. 😀

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You can see more details of this Lego creation on the author´s post. I hope you like it!

Avenue Saint-Jacques

snaillad, and his wonderfull lego skill, can make things like this:

Avenue Saint-Jacques

This building is very detailed. The 12 minifigs of the moc makes it being alive. My favourite part of this Lego Moc is the underground station. Amazing, simply amazing.

You can check more photos here.

Info about the moc by the author:

“Here is my Paris corner scene ‘Avenue Saint-Jacques’. It is based on the Haussmann style which is found in most of central Paris. It’s taken me nearly 2 months to complete after various orders coming through.

The building is on six floors not the usual 7 to be found with most buildings as I ran out of bricks 🙂

I chose not to do a diagonal corner (Found with most buildings) as I could not make a smooth wall that I was happy with. I also decided not to make a stacked modular building as I have done in the past to allow better access to the interior details and also its difficult to mix the ‘cladded’ vertical effect with stacking without unsightly gaps. The building is hinged at the side to allow access to the interior. This was the most challenging aspect of the build.
At street level there is a cafe and shop selling ladieswear. On the pavement there is a ‘Art Noveau’ metro station. The next floor up houses an office and dental surgery. The 4 floors above contain apartments, some with bathrooms and kitchens. A central stairwell gives access to the rooms (The floors vary in height which so some staircases vary slightly)

There are 22 rooms in all so plenty of pictures.”

Charlevoix Public Library

Commission - Charlevoix Public Library“Built with over 5,000 bricks from 23 different resellers  in only a month and a half, this 70×70 architectural model of the Charlevoix Library’s building and grounds was my first commissioned Lego model, and truly my first architectural replication.

Starting with only the original blueprints of the building, and some photographs and drawings, I designed the building itself in LDD before agonizing over how to produce a parts list from the program, and free-handing the grounds, parking lot, and landscaping. The build was a blast, and I can’t thank the library enough for giving me this opportunity.”
Southwest Elevation
This huge architectural building has been made by Paul Vermeesch and its a great example of what the money can do :D. But i must add that the design is very clever, with nice colours and beautiful trees and cars. I will say that the shape of this Lego building is the best part.

North ElevationThat curved road is pretty! And the orange floor is a great detail.


I love the way he has done the entire building. More phottos can be seen here.


Lego Christ Church Spitalfields

Just a big Church built by LeeMcG, member of eurcobricks. Quite similar to the real one…

Those columns fit very well.

You can see the rest of the pics here.

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