Estupendous Monarch Butrerfly Lego

One of my favourite Lego creations are the ones about animals. This one is just magnificient. A (Little bit) oversized Lego Monarch Butterfly:

(Twitter) Bird in Lego

It is supposed to be a Lego Twitter Bird for a competition in the Spanish Lego Forum, but in my humble opinion it looks like the blue Angry Birds.

Haha! Anyway, wiwaedu is an imaginative guy. ;). I really love the look of the bird.

Many other pictures can be seen at his FlickR Gallery.

Thank you Wiwaedu for your awesome MOCs!

New Zealand Birds

I have found this article at The Brother Bricks and thought it was interesting to share it with you.

Kaimi the Kiwi

Karo the Kakapo

New Zealand birds are quite strange. The Kiwi and the Karo are good examples. Despite that, its Lego design is just amazing!

Sidney the Scarlet Chested Parakeet


He also give us info about his precious birds!

The Scarlet-chested Parrot (Neophema splendida), known alternately as Scarlet-breasted parrot, Orange-throated parrot or Splendid parrot, is a parrot endemic to central South Australia and inland southern Western Australia. The species is sexually dimorphic; the male has a bright blue face and scarlet chest and yellow underparts, amid overall green plumage, while the female is similar but lacks the red chest. These nomadic parakeets move readily from the Great Victoria Desert region into neighbouring areas. These interruptions are triggered by a search for more favourable conditions. They can survive quite well without access to drinking water, however, as succulent plants help meet much of their fluid requirement. They feed mainly on grass seeds and are most commonly sighted in spinifex.

Measuring 19–21 cm (8 in) in length, this small vibrant and brightly coloured parrot is sexually dimorphic. The male has a scarlet chest, a cobalt blue face, and bright green upperparts. The lower breast and underparts are yellow, and the wing coverts are pale blue. The tail is green, the eyes are brown and the bill is blackish, and legs are brown-grey. The female likewise has a blue face, although the coloration is less extensive, green upperparts and green breast, with yellow underparts. Immature birds are duller versions of their respective adult forms. Males begin to get red plumage on their chest from around two or three months of age, though do not complete their red chest until fifteen to eighteen months old.

The female resembles the female Turquoise Parrot (N. pulchella) of eastern Australia, but can be distinguished by the blue lores and paler blue wing patch.

The call is a soft twittering, quieter than other members of the genus Neophema”

Finally, he wants us to support hiw Lego Cuusoo Project, which I have already done it. Please help him! You can do it here.

Lego Cat

A Japanesse youtuber has made a winderful creation. The 26 seconds of this video show a great invention: the mechanisms used for the legs are great.

The head and the tail are wonderful as well. And it is an unique creation. I have never seen something similar ti it in Lego.

What was the Yeti looking at?

What was he looking at? What might a Lego Yeti look at?
Of course that is an archer, but at the eyes of the Lego Yeti this is what it is… 20130429-151631.jpg
Lego and chocolate! :P. (BTW, a perfect combination) 😀

The Lego CowChicken

Clever moc made by V&A steamworks, with an incredible mix of Lego pieces. (But i am not sure about the cow head… Is it a Lego piece?)


Isn’t it cute? 😛

Featured on Evil Squirrel Nest!

Thank you so much Vuurzoon! Thanks to your majestic moc, this nice Lego Squirrel, we have been featured on the Evil Squirrel Nest page.

You can vote this creation to be produced on Lego Cuusoo by clicking here. Do you want it for you? Share it!

Red Squirrel, a Lego Sculpture

Made by Vuurzoon, this fantastic sculpture can be voted on Lego cuusoo. This is the link.

It has an interesting technic for the tail, wich you can discover on the video.

I really encourage you to vote it on Lego Cuusoo. 😉

And of course, i love it. I love all types of animals but this one is so realistic…

You can see other Lego Animals here!

Have a nice afternoon!

The Blizt Zard

Legohaulic always do interesting building. This time he has mixed the asian culture with a bears fight, and it seems to be something never seen before.


The bears are slightly original as well.


To sum up i must say that Legohaulic mixes in a great way the Lego colours, so his buildings and mocs have nice, hard-work details. Congrats!


Very scientific name for a Lego Creation :D. But the oneman has achieved a great lego transformer insect! Aswesome!


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