Spanish RENFE 252 “Taxi”

Mtrkustoms, member of HIspaLUG, the Spanish lego forum, has posted a wonderful creation. It is the typical Train Engine that we used to see back in the 90s. Very faomous, and still in use. Its Lego version is amazing:

Compare it with the real one.

The side of the engine can be removed, so we can see its lego interior.

I highly recommend to see more pics and videos about this train in the author´s gallery. I hope you liked it!

In memoriam of the 80 death in Galicia

In memoriam of the 80 death and 150 injured in the train accident at Galicia, Spain. Just 90 km away from YIHARUABLOG headquartes.

Rest In Peace.

Renfe S-440, a Spanish Lego Train

We are very proud here in Yiharuablog to bring our readers the most variety in terms of Lego creations. This opens another topic which we have (almost) never written about.

That photo show us the original model of a Renfe S-440. It was on the Spanish tracks from the year 1972.

The Moc, made by aitoruco, an HispaLUG member, show us his capability to make trains with 7 studs wide. It is memorable.

Now it is only a digital design made with LDD but it will soon be realty. Despite that we can apreciate quite a few details: for example, the technics used for the front are very interesting.

I hope you liked it!

Lego train tracks world record

Henrik Ludvigsen, from Denmark, and some friends and AFOLs, has achieved a new Guinness world record. He has put together 100.000 Lego Train Tracks, all around a gym, with a total lenght of 4 km!

Yes, yes! 4 km of the old 4.5 Lego Train Tracks! What an incredible measure!

The 80 AFOLs He must have been so proud of it…

This type of Lego Building is called crowdbuilding, where lots of people join pieces to do a great MOC… IF this can be called a MOC.

Well done Henrik!

EDIT: Henrik has commented us that it was only him who did all this! Incredible!

The most beautiful Lego machine in the world

Lego Technic buildings also appeal to me. This time, we have found on technicdelicatessen a fantastic creation, made by Paul Krieg, which es very difficult to many builders to improve…

This Lego Walschaerts Steam Engine has all type of mechanisms; you will see in the video. It works through a flow of air given by a vacuum… Really smart.

The Lego creation has instructions! check this brickshelf link for them.

I hope you like this unique Lego creation! Check the author´s gallery here.

Lego Ave S-112 “Pato”

Aitoruco, member of the Spanish AFOL forum, has made a fantastic MOC. The Spanish train Ave (“Alta velocidad Española” or “Spanish High Speed”) S-112 “Duck” made in Lego.

And it is outstanding, completely accurate and with the characteristic shape of the train.

The stickers fit perfectly with the train. He has also planned to do the complete lenght of the train soon. I will wait to see this fantastic MOC.

More photos can be seen here. I hope you liked it ;).

Lego 10233 Horizon Express Video

Lego 10233 Horizon Express

Today, in the Lego Fan Event in Saerbaek a new Lego train set has been anounced. Some AFOLs were talking about the fact that Lego did not released a train set this year. Well, not this year but the next we have a great one.

The Horizon Express. It is very remarkable the “Expert” word in the front of the box. Finally, the Lego info of the set is this:

“Ages 14+. 1,351 pieces.

Build the ultimate high-speed LEGO® passenger train!
US $129.99 CA $149.99 DE 99.99€ UK 79.99 £ DK 899.00 DKK
Fly down the track in the Horizon Express! Collect this highly detailed LEGO® interpretation of a modern, high-speed electric passenger train! The detailed body features black train windows, brick-built chevron detailing, extendable pantographs, printed windscreen and brick-built doors. Remove the roof to play inside 2 detailed passenger cars! Steer from the front engine car with, a control panel and brick-built electrical box! Then take to the tracks in luxury with the first-class car’s seats, luggage, newspapers, computer screen and even a bathroom with sliding door! The rear car features a bar with hinged counter, tables for the passengers with seats, a coffee machine, cups and bottles. For the ultimate high-speed experience, attach a second Horizon Express model, or motorize it by adding LEGO Power Functions! Hard-to-find elements include orange LEGO bricks (including 6×28 chassis plate) and printed tiles.

  • Includes 6 minifigures: female train engineer, male train steward, 2 female passengers and 2 male passengers
  • Features 3 train cars, detailed engine room, printed windscreen, black train windows, brick-built chevron detailing, extendable pantographs, seats, a bathroom with sliding door, bar with hinged counter and tables with seats
  • Accessories include luggage, newspapers, computer screen, coffee machine, cups and bottles
  • Discover sideways building techniques!
  • Ride the rails in high-speed LEGO® style!
  • Upgrade your model by adding LEGO Power Functions 8878 Rechargeable Battery Box, 8887 Transformer 10V DC, 8884 IR Receiver, 8879 IR Speed Remote Control, 88002 Train Motor and 8870 Lights
  • Train measures 31″ (79cm) long”


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