Best Custom Minifig Ever

This Lego Minifig by has impressed me a lot. It is Eva, from Metal Gear Solid 3, and it is very characteristical… It has … Well you see it ;). ūüėõ

You can see the original article here!

Sitting down Lego minifigures

Have you ever wondered how to make a Lego sitting down minifigure? Well, it seems that the Flickr user zgrredek has found the right way to do it.

His creation is composed of just 16 pieces plus the head and torso. And it really looks like a Lego witch sitting on a chair!

Zgrredek is well known of using different Lego bricks to simulate minifig torsos and legs. This is another example of it.


Did you look at the feet? Quite real, isn¬īt it? You should check his gallery here:¬†zgrredek


How to promote your business with Lego

You should really check this article where a graphic designer has found a new, innovative idea to promote herself. Instead of giving business cards, he is giving business minifigs!

It is such a great idea that i am now thinking on it…

“Here are my own individually hand-made business cards. I wanted to create something completely different from the normal business card, so I thought what better way to present myself than giving someone a little version of me!”

These mini legs are made for walking.

These mini legs are made for walking is an article found on Yoda Archives, an interesting Lego web page.

lego frodo comparisson

Brick Fortress¬†shop has built a series of short lego legs that allow the minifig to move. SO now we can have movable hobbits or Yodas… Interesting creation, very useful.

mini LEGO Legs

They are available at different colours and at a price of only 1.25 dolars, so I think they are worth it.

Thanks for sharing Yoda Archives! Check his web page here

Lego Custom Minifigs

Looking for a custom Lego minifig? Don¬īt you have time to build it yourself? You are not professional? Well, i have found a page that will help you and me. ;D

Custom LEGO minifig British Armed Forces has all kinds of minifigs, and they make custom minifigs for you. The price is a little bit higher than expected but it really worths it.

Check this link¬†to enter I hope i have helped you! ūüėČ

Foolish Lego, a 365 days Lego Project

With many Lego 365 days projects going around the net, i have found a really interesting one. Foolish Lego mostly mix Lego minifigures with non-Lego scenery, with great results.

Ask not who you can assassinate; ask what’s for lunch…

Foolish Lego is achieving a lot of acknolegdment about of Lego photos! I love the way he/she (I dont really know who might be :P) takes photos.

The perfect mix of snow and Lego

I really encourage you to visit him on


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