The set of the week

A few weeks have past since the last set of the week. But I did non forget it! So here I give you another set of the week post.

The set of this week is the lego technic 9394 jet plane!

It is a fine set, with an official  cost of 42´99 euros. It includes 499 pieces, so the price is not very high. And I didn´t mention that the 9394 includes lots and lots of the new lego technic panels (They aren´t very new, I know. Were they released in 2010?)

It has plenty of functions, but no power functions system. This video will show you the set functions. It was make by grohl666.

The set of the week

A very new set has come to the set of the week. Yes, the set of this week is one of the new lego technic 2012 sets, the 9397 pick-up tow truck.

It seems to be a very good set. I don´t own this set, but I have ordered one. It features a front axle with manual steering and a movable rear tow. I hope it´ll come early!

In a few days (7 or 8 days) you´ll se a review of this set in this blog.

At this moment I con only give you this video review of the lego set 9395 made by conchinhas:

The set of the week

The fourth set of the week is… the lego 8048 buggy set. It is another fantastic set. I aslo own three (ok, I know there are too many…) of this delicious set. Why delicious, may you ask.

I could say a lot of things of this set but I think the best is that it has three shock absorbers! It has a complete suspension suspension on all the wheels. It also has a front steering axle. You can find a V4 engine in the rear of the buggy. The wheels are also find. Two small wheels, not very usefull, and the crown jewel: two medium wheels. Unfortunately it doesn´t features any power functions motor.

Here it is a video review of this set:

The set of the week

I was thinking a lot, becouse it is difficult to find a  good as the latest sets of the week, but i find it. The set of this week is the 8069 backhoe loader. I own two (yes, I said two) of this sets and i think the are more than good, they are great.

This sets has the new linear actuators, wich are three studs smaller than his big brother. It also has four fantastic wheels. Theese wheels are useful for trial truck. I´ve done two trials trucks with the eight wheels ofi this sets.

The 8069 backhoe loader is also fine becouse it has a lot of functions: it can move the front wheels, the back and front shovel (using the new linear actuators)…

And last but no least, a review of this magnificient set:

The set of the week

The set of the week is the 8068 Rescue Helicopter. I have already one of this. I bought it when I went to Praha. In Praha I see a lego museum (they call it legA muzeum). I was so excited, becouse I hadn´t visited a lego museum until that day. It was a funny visit. The have exposed most of the lego sets of all the lego history.

When I finished I decided to buy something. It was june. I asked if they have the unimog, and they have it! But it costed 260 euros. I decided not to buy that set. Then I buy the 8068 Rescue Helicopter.

The red pieces that you can see in my Moc come of this set. It has a lot of gadgets. First of all you can move the blades and the back rotor. The wheels can be moved inside or outside the helicpoter. The doors can be opened too. And you can move the seats.

If you want some red pieces, a set with a lot of gadgets, or simply a good lego technic set, this is your set.

In this video you can see all of the gadgets I have been talking about.

See you.

The set of the week

A lego technic setToday we start a new series. The set of this week is the lego technic 8275. Why did I choose this set? becouse it was my first real lego technic set. I bought it a few years ago in Legoland Windsor, becouse the prize was reduced to 80 pounds. I take it to spain without the box, since the insuficient space in my suitcase.

I love it. It is a very real set. It is complete. This bulldozer features two medium power funcions motors and 2 very large power funcions motors. It has a lot of funcions too. You can move it backward or foreward. The froant loader can move up or down, and the back caterpillar is also cool. I hope you like it, but now it is a difficult set to acquire.

So if you want a good technic set, that features some cool functions, this is your set. I gave a fine video of this bulldozer by Alban42800, of blogo technic.

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