The piece of the week and extra info

The last week piece was the pulley wheel 4185:

Eran1234 answer this:

“Pulleys can be used for so many things… first you can use it to transfer rotation using a rubber band…
you can use it to reduce the power to lift something when using a wire,
you can use it when building anything that envolves wires in it – like an elevator,
a gantry crane that uses wires to pick up things and more =]”

That is complete! Very fine work eran!

This week piece is another useful piece. It is the 61903 cardan union. What can you say about it?

As the extra info we have tomorrow the Lego I Technic Weekend in Castilla y León (Spain). We hope to do a trial truck race, a crazy ramp race (It is a  fabolous race, you will see it), a kart race, some brainstorming about technic…

You´ll be informed! 🙂

The piece of the week

First of all I am going to answer the question of the last week. The question was: what do you know about the lego power functions xl motor?”

Well, eran1234 answer this:

“First of all it is the strongest from all the PF motors,but less strong then the NXT servo (but faster than it)

it doesnt have any regular stud connection to it, only technic pins (unlike the M motor that has lego studs on the bottom)

rotates at 220 rpm without load (almost half the speed from the M Motor)”

A could add this. It weights 69g, more than the pf M motor (It weights 31g). It has less internal gear reducction than the NXT servo motor so it rotates faster, as eran have said.

Here are two links to the web page of philo, a fantastyic lego moccer, where is all the information about all the motors and about the power functions system. I hope it will be useful for you:

Here there is all the info about the pf system:

Here there is all the info about the lego motors:

Then the piece of this week is… the lego 4185 pulley wheel!

Where do we use this piece? What are the uses of this piece? Any information about it?

The piece of the week

The last week the piece of the week was the power functions medium motor. This week I’ll present you the power functions xl motor. What do you know avmbout this motor? Next week all the indo…

The piece of the week

Last week we presented the new turntable that will come with the lego technic 20012 sets. I haven´t got a lot of information about it. We know that it has 28 teeth (a little bigger than the 24 teeth gears).

This week the piece of the week is… the power functions medium motor8883!

This motor appeared in 2007, with the new electric components called power functions. It has 4 pin connectors. You can use it with the old 9v system with the extension cord. It rotates at 405 rpm, wich is very fast. It has a very low torque as well.

I hope you like it.

The piece of the week

Answering the last week question the knob gear, as eran1234 said, can´t interact with regular gears (only with other knob wheels) and they can handle much higher torque. They are very useful in trial truck competitions.

The piece of this week is a little bit special. It is the new small lego technic turntable that lego has released with the technic sets of 2012. It has 28 teeth, something never seen in the lego gears.

What would you say about this little piece?

The piece of the week

The piece of this week seems to be a little bit special.

It is the knob gear, another fantastic gear, but why? I hope that you answer me as soon as posible.


Answering the question of the last week I must say that eran1234 gave me a fantastic response:

Because its a great gear?
first of all you can use it to switch outpots (because it can slide on the axle)
you can use it as a linear actuator using half bush piece
or just use it in gearing down ratios,because there is always just 1 teeh interacting with the other gear,making a 1 : X ratio.
lets say worm gear to 8 tooth – 1:8

Also, worm gear can be used as a lock, lets say to lift something and keep it lifted.

and last but not least… worm gear can be used with any other lego gear

I´d add that the worm gear can be used to block a mechanism. Do you know that some lifts in the world use a worm gear for security? If there is a problem the worm gear can block the system so that the elevator wont fall.

The piece of the week

Today I have a question for all of you. Why I have chosen this piece?

Lego 4716 piece. I´ll answer the question next week

The piece of the week

This week the piece of the week (it sounds repetitive, isn´t it?) is the 24 tooth gear. It has plenty uses, and it is very important for technic builders. Here is the photo:

The piece of the week

And the first technic pieze of the week is… the 1×15 liftarm!

Its helpfull doing anything! All technic builders must have lots of them int their vaults. I have already 50 of this pieces. And i know about builders that have thousands of this liftarm.

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