LEGO GBC Module: Pneumatic Tower

LegoGBC presents us his latest GBC module, a Pneumatic Tower which was inspirated by Akiyuki, but with a 90 degrees angle.

“It uses a single switch and 2 cylinders. Because the air will always go to the cylinder which job is easier, the movment sequence works perfectly with one switch.
2 PF M motors are used to compress and change the switch’s position, (2 because one PF M was too slow and I don’t have an XL motor)

It was very hard to build the body of the crane as the cylinders try to “escape” from turning the gears.”

You can view the Eurobricks post here!

Lego GBC Japan 2013 in Tsukuba

Enjoy this akiyuki GBC video! We will be doing another GBC video of the HispaLUG Expo soon as well ūüôā

Lego GBC ROD now with instructions!

Do you remember the Lego GBC ROD module?

Posted Image

It was made by the Spanish Lego GBCer Parda (Who also made this fantastic article with tips for GBCs). A while ago he asked me to make the lxf file for it, so users could download it and use Lego Digital Designer to build it.

Well, here it is the LDD File! Download it here!

Some extra data about this GBC. Here you can see how it started:

It was the very first Lego GBC module I did!


Well, it is not exactly the same but similar :). And it was done without any kind of instructions :D.

And a link to the gallery: Click!

I hope you liked it!

New Lego Technic Sets

Finally there have been found some of the new Lego Technic sets for the first half of 2014 (1H from now on). They look great, specially the aeroplane:

A little video from my part for the youtube followers. Here you have the pics:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

These 3 sets look really interesting both for rokies of the Technic and for AFOLs.

Posted ImagePosted Image

What do you think of the Lego Technic Sets of the 1H 2014?

You can check them here!

Simple Mini-Lego GBC for everybody

Do you want to start with Lego GBC? Well, this Lego GBC by ¬†bertolbaleron¬†is what you need: ūüėÄ

New Lego GBCs

Here at YB we are always glad to present new Lego GBCs. ANd today is one of that days. The youtuber 05yattaran has posted some new and elegant Lego GBcs in his youtube page:

Although this module may not seem to be technically complicated, when we aproach to the rear part of it we can see the gearbox which changes the speed.

GBCers used to used a Lego Speed Regulator for this function but it is an old piece and not easy to find, so this solution is brilliant!

This second module is not as complicated as the previous one, but I like it as well. The colours used and the style of the Lego Pieces he has used has impressed me.

Thank you for your Lego GBCs!



Andrea Lattanzio¬†has appeared several times at this blog, and I have to admit that this Italian has a loot of skill when building Lego Models of trucks… You can percieve it with his latest creation.

BLACK LABEL: VOLVO F16 GLOBETROTTER 1:13 SCALE LEGO¬ģ MODELI highly encourage you to visit his FlickR gallery to get some ideas out of his amazing Volvo Truck ;). You can do so here!

The Witch Lego GBC

Pg5200, a known man here at YIHARUABLOG, has published a new GBC recently.

It may not seem so mew. It is just a wheel. But the Lego Witch and the design are very original. This is another example of how to make an original Lego GBC.

Philip Verbeek’s Lego GBC 8

First of all and sorry for this:

#Ihatethenewyoutube which doesnt allow me to do anything with my Yiharua account. I must connect it to Google+, which I have never planned to have. After that it obligues me to do a new channel in order to use my account. WTF!!!??? I cannot use the old one anymore!

Why do I say this? I wasn’t able to comment in Philip’s lego video for this reason. And I wanted to denounce Youtube.

Well, after all this, here you can see the last video of one of the greatest Lego GBC contributors of this blog: Philip Verbeek:

I hope you liked it!

Abd Philip, my comment in youtube (In the shit it has became…) would be something like this: Those wires are magnificient. Very clever modules as always. Congrats ;).


The latest genius by Akiyuki

Akiyuki, as most of you know, is the most succesfull Lego GBC builder in the world. His latest creation is a ball activated module. A really clever idea, which is typical on him. I am pretty sure you will enjoy the video ;). 

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