Lego Portal Brickfilm

The famous Youtuber Kooberz, through the Machinima youtube channel, posted a time ago a fantastic brickfilm of Portal 2, the videogame.

For those who don´t know anything about Portal, this is it: click here!

And the video!

I hope you liked it!

Build your own snow day

We are aproaching to the summer, and the weather is getting insufferable. The Lego Group presents us an idea about how to change it. I wish this was real…

It least it was humouristic :P.

HTML code used for Lego movies

It has been used for many other things, but the famous HTML code is being used to create new Lego brickfilms. Here you have an example:

Well, the quality is not bad, but at least in my computer the video is not fluent.

What do you think? Is there going to be a new type of Lego animation other than photos or 3D renderization?

I discovered this thanks to BananaBricks ‏@BananaBricks

This is LEGO 3D animation

Lego Egyptian Holiday

Good film, with an outstanding plot and some interesting characters. This Lego Brickfilm is at the level of the higgest Hollywood productions! :D. No joking…

I hope you like it!

Lego Wii

This would be a video that almost every AFOL should have seen once at his life, but that i have never seen. And I discovered it today, years after my hobby started. But it is so fun, and you will laugh a little. 😉

The youtuber author, Kooberz, manage to do a fantastic video, mixing humour and sadness all together. Just a fantastic Lego video!

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