Lego GBC Japan 2013 in Tsukuba

Enjoy this akiyuki GBC video! We will be doing another GBC video of the HispaLUG Expo soon as well 🙂

Simple Mini-Lego GBC for everybody

Do you want to start with Lego GBC? Well, this Lego GBC by  bertolbaleron is what you need: 😀

New Lego GBCs

Here at YB we are always glad to present new Lego GBCs. ANd today is one of that days. The youtuber 05yattaran has posted some new and elegant Lego GBcs in his youtube page:

Although this module may not seem to be technically complicated, when we aproach to the rear part of it we can see the gearbox which changes the speed.

GBCers used to used a Lego Speed Regulator for this function but it is an old piece and not easy to find, so this solution is brilliant!

This second module is not as complicated as the previous one, but I like it as well. The colours used and the style of the Lego Pieces he has used has impressed me.

Thank you for your Lego GBCs!

Timelapse: Lego Castle

Can you do it faster? :). For the size of this enormous Lego Castle, I guess it took at least a week to build…

Philip Verbeek’s Lego GBC 8

First of all and sorry for this:

#Ihatethenewyoutube which doesnt allow me to do anything with my Yiharua account. I must connect it to Google+, which I have never planned to have. After that it obligues me to do a new channel in order to use my account. WTF!!!??? I cannot use the old one anymore!

Why do I say this? I wasn’t able to comment in Philip’s lego video for this reason. And I wanted to denounce Youtube.

Well, after all this, here you can see the last video of one of the greatest Lego GBC contributors of this blog: Philip Verbeek:

I hope you liked it!

Abd Philip, my comment in youtube (In the shit it has became…) would be something like this: Those wires are magnificient. Very clever modules as always. Congrats ;).


The latest genius by Akiyuki

Akiyuki, as most of you know, is the most succesfull Lego GBC builder in the world. His latest creation is a ball activated module. A really clever idea, which is typical on him. I am pretty sure you will enjoy the video ;). 

Lego Technic Motorized 4×4 Dakar Truck

A complete Lego Dakar Truck. Lastly we are featuring a lot of technic models. Don´t you think? Sheepo´s and Sariel´s for example… WEll, that is nice.

This amazing Lego Truck is at the level of Sariel´s creations. You will enjoy the video. :).

Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 in Lego

No other than Sheepo, the most famous Lego Technic builder in the world, could have built this magnificient beast. The Lego Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is the ultimate supercar.

Gearbox, brakes, doors, chassis, and many many features. You can check them in the video:

I hope you love it. This is as always incredible. Sheepo is. You can check his webpage for full info and pics:

Air-propelled Lego Vehicle

Pg5200, who has been several times at Yiharuablog, has posted a prototype of his last creation in Youtube. Enjoy it. 🙂

Lego GBC Wheel Module

We have a new Lego GBCer! And it has started to post his GBCs in youtube. I bring you an example of his creations: A Lego GBC Wheel

I hope you liked it! I highly reccomend its Youtube channel!

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