In the beggining there was the stone

Totally true… The Lego Stone :).

Art and Lego

Can this be considered as art? It is an sofa with a Lego look (Not made out of Lego).
It was taken in a museum at New York, though it is not the Nathan Sawoya’s :D.

During the weekend…

Weekend is almost over. Have you enjoyed it? Lego Storm Troopers are having a nice party, apparently.

This photo was taken from the Electricbricks Facebook Page. Enjoy the end of the weekend!!! 😀

I am the strange one

🙂 Funny Lego picture taken from the Electricbricks Facebook page.

I hope you liked it!

Casting for Mimes (Or Fools)

“Next please!” :D. I found this pic by  difool73 absolutely epic. It is just amazing: the faces of the mimes, the situation of the tiles, the colours. Just an incredible Lego creation.

Difool has appeared several times at Yiharuablog. You can check his creations here.

The Toy that Inspires Your Mind

No other than Lego, of course. I hope you liked this interested vignette founded here.

Funny Lego Pictures

Ischumi, member of HispaLUG has made this last interesting photo. His Lego Ironman really loves sweets… 😀

Buuut, he is not the only one with clever ideas! I have also found the next pic on a forum. This time, it comes from Eurobricks. Do you know Lego Legends of Chima? Look…

Isn’t that lovely? ;). Enjoy!

Party Time at the Death Star

20130712-103212.jpgThe Stormtroopers seem to be having a great time in the Death Star… I would like to be with them :).

He is in serious danger…


This Lego Picture was taken by bruceywan, a FlickR author.

I am now very happy. He has made a good impression on me; her photos are quite good, not to talk about her mocs. Another moc: A Lego Zoidberg, from Futurama series.

Why Not Zoidberg?

You should check his FlickR photostream. That can be done here.


Foolish Lego: Feeling left out

I continue featuring the fabolous blog project Foolish Lego.Foolish Lego

His Lego pictures are quite good, and I love them. Here you have another of them. This time it is the pic 122, called “Feeling left out”.

Feeling left out

Spiderman always felt left out during lunch when Superman and Batman were bragging about their super cool actions again…

:D. I just love them…

Foolish Lego has been featured many times before at Yiharuablog. Here there are some examples.

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