The Toy that Inspires Your Mind

No other than Lego, of course. I hope you liked this interested vignette founded here.

Have you seen my red shocks?

Ey Darling, have you seen my red shocks? :D. Picture taken from Canikura’s facebook page.


He had plans for a Lego Death Star

Little minifig Darth Vader had plans to build the Lego Death Star 3, but it was only a dream… :D.


I hope you liked this Lego vignette ;).

Lego Gladiator

Do you know the film Gladiator? Pretoriano, from HispaLUG, made a fantastic vignette about the most famous scene in the film; but he made it out of Lego, of course…

Can you recognise it?

Pretoriano and I really encourage you to see this fantastic roman film; Gladiator.

I hope you like his Lego moc!

Nortebrick 2013March 23rd, 2012
The big day is here.