Invictus, The Ship of the Line

Rad Draven is the author of this mastodont. A 6 kg Lego Ship of the Line, containing 5500 pieces, sized 32×96 studs, with home-made flags. What else do we want? This is The Ultimate Lego Ship of the Line.

Oh! And I forgot to say that it is  modular, soy we can access its 66 cannons. Amazing.

Have you ever played Empire Total War? Well, this ship is exactly like the game´s. I love it. According to Rad Draven, the author, it took more than 18 months to develop and built this monster.

I can only say congrats to this Spanish author, who has made one of the greatest Spanish mocs. Thank you Rad!

You can check more photos at Rad Draven´s FlickR Gallery

You will enjoy it. For sure. 😉

Blue Awesomeness

Hades Starfighter

Jerac, an old FlickR user, is the author of this wonderful Lego MOC. The z-10D Hades. Its name comes from “Sharp Edges”, as Jerac state.

Hades Starfighter

I really love the way he has done the curves and shapes all around the body of the ship. I never thought there were so many Lego pieces in blue…

Hades Starfighter

I find specially good-looking the rear part. It has 3 angles. Just amazing.

You can check more pics about this Lego Starfighter by Jerac at his FlickR gallery. Click here.

Lego Hangar by 2×4


The strange named Lego Author – 2×4 – has made a quite realistic and impressive Lego Hangar.

I encourage you to see his photos on flickr. He has amazing Lego creations…


The gabgar gas a nice use of greeble, just under the ship. The reound dishes that Lego produces are great for this.

ClassicHangar05More photos can be seen at his FlickR gallery here.

See you!


Lego Mini Port

Continuing with the microscale series here we have e micro port and boats, with a modern style.

They were created by Comander Hawk, a builder with lots of mocs.

He is a prolific builder.

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Micro SailShip

I was searching twitter when I found a very good moc by Workfromtheheart

Only 65 pieces! It is very cute! :D. You can download the instructions here.

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