Lego Land Rover Trial Truck

After the fantastic I Technic Weekend I learned a couple of things of the participants (Thanks to all, especially to Sheepo!). I decided to modify the trial truck that had brought. With the advice they gave me I picked up the bottom of the off road for not having problems with rocks under the bottom. In this photo you can see the new bottom:

I also included an openable hood and trunk, where they enter two power functions remote controls.

On the technical side I am very proud of the rear axle. It doesn´t give me many problems and is as wide as the front. Besides, it is very compact: The gears do not have room to slipping.

Sorry about photo quality: when I can I´ll upload another.

I wont complain about the front axle. For traction it uses the same system as the rear axle, and the direction is somewhat more complex. I am less proud of the direction.

Even so in the I Technic Weekend competition it had my best  participation of one of my trials at any time. (Sheepo knows this!)

One last photo:

The suspension is very effective. It only has some shock absorbers on the rear axle, so that the front has a lot of freedom. The shock absorvers are soft. There are 4.

Finally the video:

I hope you like it!

Lego Truck Trial Race

Yes, we have finaly done the trial truck video of the Lego I Technic Weekend! I hole you like it! I am Legorocky96.

Lego I Technic Weekend

We are preparing the videos and info about the Lego I Technic Weekend. Tomorrow or on wednesday you’ll be informed!

Now I can give you some pics…



The piece of the week and extra info

The last week piece was the pulley wheel 4185:

Eran1234 answer this:

“Pulleys can be used for so many things… first you can use it to transfer rotation using a rubber band…
you can use it to reduce the power to lift something when using a wire,
you can use it when building anything that envolves wires in it – like an elevator,
a gantry crane that uses wires to pick up things and more =]”

That is complete! Very fine work eran!

This week piece is another useful piece. It is the 61903 cardan union. What can you say about it?

As the extra info we have tomorrow the Lego I Technic Weekend in Castilla y León (Spain). We hope to do a trial truck race, a crazy ramp race (It is a  fabolous race, you will see it), a kart race, some brainstorming about technic…

You´ll be informed! 🙂

Nortebrick 2013March 23rd, 2012
The big day is here.