Bat-Cycle, the unique one

Technic Bat-Cycle

Monster brick, the author of this amazing Bat-Cycle, has really surprised me with the used of the angled pices with the wing shape. It is a really interesting Lego motorbike with some nice techinques.

You should have a look here.

Guess who happens to like it

Lego Bath-Man

Foolish Lego, a 365 days lego photography project, has just posted a wonderful scene: Lego Bath-Man. So clever idea; well done foolish ;).

I love the efect of the foam ;).

You can check this 365 days project on

Lego Arkham Asylum breakout release

Marco Bessa, lego designer of Portugal, has achieved a good design on this set.

Some details about the video. The Lego set number is 10937. Marcos comes from the Portugese comunity 0937… He has written his name and Birthday on the car: 28 MB 89. Just curiosities :P.

We need studs!


Lego Tumblers and Bat

Mahj´s creations are always incredible. This youtube user and owner of a toyshop built last august (But i didnt show it on the blog) a Batman Tumbler and a Bat vehicle. The making out of the video is interesting as well.

Have a nice evening!

Lego Batman Mosaic

Found on The Brothers Brick, this mosaic is great! Just incredible. The way the letters are done fits perfectly with the whole bat. Congrats!

Nortebrick 2013March 23rd, 2012
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