Irish Lego

Hi everybody!
We have finally made it to a Toyshop here in ireland and I was able to buy some Lego sets.


The shop is called Hamley’s, and it is quite famous both in Dublin and London. Last pic, a life sized Lego Harry Potter.


There was a fantastic Star Wars clone too.

However, not everything were minifigures. I bought a fantastic book: Brick City. Totally recommended.


I must say that you can win this book, among others, entering the Foolish Lego competition. Good luck!

We are having a fantastic trip and weather in Ireland. See you!


Ninjago Lego Minifigure. Life Size.

Competitions running on the Lego Blogosphere

Hi there!

We have two fantastic news! Our friends and followers of A Lego A Day and Foolish Lego are currently running some competitions.

Halfway there contest

Foolish Lego has recently achieved half of his 365 days project. He has so far 183 pics and he wants us to remember the characters of last photo. They are recurrent characters on Foolish Lego.

You can entry that competition here. You can win a Lego Book!

On the other hand, A Lego A Day blog was also giving us the chance to win a Lego prize. If you were one of the fortunates who won, please let me know!

You could enter the giveaway here.


Dentist´s Nigtmares

Dentist's nightmare

Taken from Foolish Lego webpage. He is a Dutch AFOL whit a 365 days project. Totally recommended!

Plus size clothing… From Foolish Lego

Foolish Lego is a 365 days Lego Project. But not only that, he is also a human, and a friend of Yiharuablog. And some days we want to share the best photos of him.

Plus size clothing...

In this case I present you one of my favourites pics (Among the Lasts). I am still wondering where did he get the big minifigure!

Well done Foolish, and continue with your work.

You can check his creations at Foolish Lego webpage.

A REALLY unexpected party

An unexpected party…

Foolish Lego: Feeling left out

I continue featuring the fabolous blog project Foolish Lego.Foolish Lego

His Lego pictures are quite good, and I love them. Here you have another of them. This time it is the pic 122, called “Feeling left out”.

Feeling left out

Spiderman always felt left out during lunch when Superman and Batman were bragging about their super cool actions again…

:D. I just love them…

Foolish Lego has been featured many times before at Yiharuablog. Here there are some examples.



This picture was taken from Foolish Lego webpage. This webpage has been featured several times at Yiharuablog (For example, here).

I am always keen on promote Lego themed webpages, specially 365 days projects like Foolish Lego, so I highly reccomend you to check his webpage!

Never own a Lego Caveman

lego 365 day 64

You may say, why? Well, there is a simple reason. These Lego Caveman (And the pretty Lego Cavewoman) have destroyed the mobile of Foolish Lego! Aren´t they horrible?

:D. This picture is part of the 365 days project of Foolish. You can check it here.

Lego Bath-Man

Foolish Lego, a 365 days lego photography project, has just posted a wonderful scene: Lego Bath-Man. So clever idea; well done foolish ;).

I love the efect of the foam ;).

You can check this 365 days project on

Foolish Lego, a 365 days Lego Project

With many Lego 365 days projects going around the net, i have found a really interesting one. Foolish Lego mostly mix Lego minifigures with non-Lego scenery, with great results.

Ask not who you can assassinate; ask what’s for lunch…

Foolish Lego is achieving a lot of acknolegdment about of Lego photos! I love the way he/she (I dont really know who might be :P) takes photos.

The perfect mix of snow and Lego

I really encourage you to visit him on


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