Pacific Rim, as seen by a Brickfilmer

kooberz, a very famous Youtuber and Brickfilme, is making some videos showing how he is doing a new brickfilm (Lego Animation): Pacific Brick.

I hope you liked it! He is making great efforts on the Lego Brickfilm.

Kooberz unveals his tricks

Kooberz Studios is one of the most succesful Youtube channels of Lego Brickfilms. It is highly reccomended to check it if you like Lego Movies. Well, in this video, he unveals his tricks and secrets to be a rememebered Lego Brickfilmer. 😉

The LEGO Movie

This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen… And Lego is making it. Would you like to see all your favourite heroes in a single film? And what if it is a Lego film? The Lego Movie. Just see.

And it is only the trailer… I can´t wait to see it in 2014!

S.E.A.R.C.H. Lego Brickfilm

While I was surfing the net last Saturday I had a commentary of Szymon Sarnowicz ‏@zymonconefilms, on twitter, and i checked his youtube webpage.

I was surprised by the quality of his brickfilms! I really encourage you to check them ;). Here is an example, S.E.A.R.C.H.

I hope you found it interesting, just like me.

Lego EPIC BATTLES: Cavetroll vs. Goblin King

BrotherhoodWorkshop, a youtuber, has achieved one of the best lego shorts i have ever seen. The movement of the Lego troll and the Lego goblin king are incredible! What a work?

And, who do you think that should win? 😀

Same author as the Lego TLOTR Harlem Shake we saw on this blog: This one

Lego Bricks of War

This analogy of Gears of war, made in lego bricks, has surprised me. It has been made by Kooberz, the same guy of the last post, but it really made a good impression on me. If i were you i´d suscribe to this man!

And an extra. Do you remember yesterday´s video, about the wii? He has also made a Lego Wii U!

Have a good weekend. 😉

Lego Star Wars Concert

I watch it time ago. But I must say that i have never share it on the blog, so today is the day :D. THis Lego Star Wars concert was made using a 3D program, and the effects are really cool.

I hope to get a smile from you ;).


Past, present and future of the 3D Brickfilms

Founded thanks to the twitter account of BananaBricks. What is the past, present and future about the Lego 3D Brickfilms?

Lego Zombie Fighters Screenshot

Lego Zombie Fighters, 2013


Well, it all started back to 2008 when Raptor5120, a Polish Brickfilm maker, published this fantastic film, made with Blender in 3D.

LEGO D-DAY Screenshot (Produced in 2008)

The evolution had been considerable.

LEGO War in the Pacific Screenshot (Produced in 2012)

The first pic is Lego D-day, and the second one is Lego War in the Pacific, both produced by raptor. The quality is getting higher and higher and fantastic brickfilms are being made these days using blender.

I highly reccomend you to suscribe to Raptor5021 on his youtube channel to see the evolution of the brickfilms. Here is his last Brickfilm:

Enjoy and share!


Lego Paranormal Diorama

I just hate the film Paranormal Activity 3… It was really scary… But this Lego Diorama represents one of his most known parts perfectly. Just see.

Leda Kat is a really good Lego Artist. I highly reccomend her.

Lego Man of Steel Trailer

Made out of Lego. :). Enjoy.

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