(Yet) another Lego Monorail

The latest weeks have been so productive for Lego Monorail makers. We have seen many of this mocs on Yiharuablog (Click here for them) and now the famous Youtuber and AFOL Ishowaga Yoshihito has made another model.

And it works perfectly as well. The system is different compared to the latests, but it is wonderful. I suggested him to use the old 4.5 V Lego Train Tracks, to have bigger layouts in less space.

This are the tracks I was talking about

What do you tthink? Are the Lego Monorails a reliable option in future lego city layouts?

Innovative Lego Monorail

This monorail, which has been made by egolegoque, seems to be a prototype. Will it be a new type of Lego monorail? Well, it has the ability to turn corners, something that I have never seen…

Apparently, it uses a shock absorver to be able to turn. Quite smart.

If you are really interested in Lego Monorails you should also check this posts by Masao Hidaka, who is another great Lego (Monorail) moccer.

See you!

Lego Monorail CUUSOO project

Idea Image

Massao Hidaka, a Japanese mocer at the level of the famous Akiyuki, has a CUUSOO project. It is quite brilliant and innovative. His idea is to make a Lego MOnorail, totally functional with the existing Lego pieces.

Idea ImageThe way he curves the monorail impressed me from the start, and i think it is one of the best Lego Monorails I have ever seen; better than the old Lego official ones.

Idea Image

Interesting Technic Mechanism

As we saw in the first photo, he has also created a system to vary the rail where the monorail circulates.

You can support this project on Lego CUUSOO to actually make it a real Lego set.



Massao Hidaka, another Japanesse Lego genius

I have just found the channel of Massao Hidaka, another outstanding Lego builder from Japan…

His monorails and furniture have a great recognition over the world. He has gone to BrickFair for this reason.

I highly recommend to visit her youtube channel ;). ;Massao Hidaka

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