Lego Hangar by 2×4


The strange named Lego Author – 2×4 – has made a quite realistic and impressive Lego Hangar.

I encourage you to see his photos on flickr. He has amazing Lego creations…


The gabgar gas a nice use of greeble, just under the ship. The reound dishes that Lego produces are great for this.

ClassicHangar05More photos can be seen at his FlickR gallery here.

See you!


Lego Shardstar spaceship

Ironsniper from FlickR has made a really impressive Lego spaceship. It actually reminds me of the Star Wars Laat, but in yellow colour.

I hope you like it! You can check more photos of this Lego author on FlickR

Ferrari Concept Car

F1 Space Team, Ferrari, ready to start the race. 😀

M.Cara, from Hispalug, has made this fantastic, ultra-detailed moc. It definitely has the ferrari concept, but the mix with a sci-fi moc is quite good. And the pieces are used cleverly.

I hope you like it. You can see more photos of this lego creation on the flickr gallery.

Lego Babylon 5 MOC

What a MOC… MSP, member of hispalug, can turn science-fiction into reality with Lego. This is the Babylon 5 spaceship, of the series with the same name. You can check info about this series at this page.

His Lego Moc of the Babylon 5 is composed of 2300 pieces. Most of them are plates, tiles or cheeses.

It is a very professional moc, with info about the ship.

It took 7 months to design and build this moc, but Mario is very happy with the results. And so I am.

You can check more photos of the Lego Babylon 5 moc here.

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