Legoland Prohibits Entrance to AFOLS!!!

As you read it… It is in Legolands laws (I think thats not the right word) and Brickqueen, a youtuber, has an example.

What do you think about it?

The Lego Hotel in California

Well, I would have never expected a Lego Hotel to be real, but this one is. It is in the California State, in Carlsbad, and it is unique in the world.

5000 minifigures are at the entrance, with a lot of Lego Maxifigures all over the hall. That is your first view of the Hotel, but when you make your way to the room this is what you see:

I would certainly give my actual house to live in a place like this… A Lego Hotel… Can you imagine? That is the dream of AFOLs!

The first thing I thought with this photo is “somebody is going to steal all those pieces” :D. Just joking. 😉

There are also several pleasure services at the Lego Hotel.

It is recommended to check this post. If you leave a comment, you can win a lot of 100 dollars of Hotel Presents.

Lego Grand Piano

This Lego Grand Piano, made in Legoland size, has been built by Massao Hidaka, an author that has been on this blog various times. (Click Here)

Idea Image

He has a complete range of pianos on his cuusoo page. Click here to support it. And this is the video. The design is clever, and the size is perfect. Just another good creation by Massao.

I hope you like it!

Lego Harlem Shake

Legoland Florida Harlem Shake

Hi everybody! There have been posted a variety of versions about Lego and the Harlem Shake, a stupid-impossible-to-understund but happy movement…

This is the first one i have found. Goblin style Harlem Shake, about Lego Lord of the Rings… Quite amazing…

This one is the worst ever! Legoland Florida workers dancing the Harlem Shake! Wow!

There is a Lego Star Wars Version as well… Why do we see a nude storm trooper? Unbelievable :P.

I hope you liked the post but NOT this horrible movement. (Even if it makes you laugh :P)

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