Lego Marvel Superheroes pre-release

Enjoy this video of the presentation of the Lego Videogame “Lego Marvel Superheroes” at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). The game actually looks great!

Lego Iron Man Helmets

With the new iron Man 3 film about to be released some mocers have started to do good creations about Tony Stark and his armour.

This helmets with a huge variety of colours were made by Mr.Attacki. They are a great example of how to use curved pieces…

Ironman 3

Iron Santa Helmet

Would you try to build them? :D.

The details of the lights are really good.

You can see more pics of Attacki here. I hope you liked it!


How to Build a Lego Iron Man Mark 1

Just a quick guide on how tu build this Lego minifig out of pieces. The most interesting thing is that this Iron Man armour is built with core pieces… Amazing.


Would you buy a Lego Spiderman?

Enlace permanente de imagen incrustada

It looks really good

Maybe not a minifig, but a lego fig of this side would delight more than one. This es a lego project made by mmccooey is now a Lego Cuusoo project, which you can vote.

If it gets 10000 supporters it will be a real set.

Idea Image

It has lots of rotation points; it is very poseable…

This Lego Marvel figure of Spiderman would be a must for me…

Idea Image

I hope you liked it!

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