Cybertronic Neighbourhood

Nathaniel Brill (Also known as Shuppiluliumas in FlickR) has made a huge Lego diorama for Brickworld 2013. This fantastic MOC is a Cyberapocalypse City. See:

Cyberpocalypse at Brickworld 2013

Cyberpocalypse at Brickworld 2013

It just looks awesome! Loots of details, pieces, big size… Anything we can imagine. Let´s see it closer.

Water Level

At night it looks really scary… That´s the water level.

Henry's Supply Chain

Henry´s supply chain. The shop of the area :P.

The last photo had little details that I loved. Did you see the ventilator over the shop? Amazing.

Water Level - Boat Dock and Bar

The Bar of the Town and the Boat Dock: “There were public boat tie ups all over water level. The interior docks were all privately owned, though. It was best not to linger too long near those.”
– Antonio Cipollini, Gondolier

He also gives us a story of the city. In my sincere opinion this is one of the best MOCs we have seen thorugh this 2013. Well done Nathan!

There are a lot more photos, but I cannot show you everyone. Please, check his FlickR Gallery.

This wonderful Lego layout can be seen in August, at Brickfair 2013, Virginia.

Water Level - Elevation

Have you seen many Cybertronic/Apocalypse layouts made out of Lego this year?

Oechsnerville Microcity

Micropolis skyscrapers

I haven´t seen microcity for a while but I found this MOC very interesting. I first saw it in The Brothers Brick.

He has some great buildings in Lego. In the last one, i love the rubberband holder as a statue! 😀

The author, Toechsner, is amazing. I highly reccomend you to check his gallery:

Wedding Celebration

Our friend Enrique sent us a wonderful pic through Electricbricks webpage. How would you celebrate your wedding? Is it something better than doing it with a Lego cake? 😀
Congratulations Enrique!

Remember, if you have any great Lego photo, sent it to us!

Lego Modular Church

The HispaLUG user co-lega made for christmas a fantastic Lego church. It took part on his Christmas village, and she presented it today. (It isn´t always too late! :D)

Despite its beautiful and compact appearance, it has a complete modular design.

Yes, the roof can be taken out, and the interior of the Lego modular building can be seen.

It looks like the bishop s giving mass… 🙂

The entrasnce of it is amazing. With 1×1 round tiles. This transparent and coloured pieces give to the windows a wonderful style.

But what I like the most are those Lego Technic pieces in the roof of the church… Thay are resembling a catholic cross. Technic pieces fit perfectly in that role.

I hope you liked it as much as me. You can see the complete article in HispaLUG


New Lego City sets for 2H 2013

Here they are! I hope you like the new Lego city sets.

It seems that this year they have focused on coast guards…

With some transport lego sets.

What do you think?

Lego school bus

An American-styled Lego Bus.

Bluebird International S700 School Bus

It has 7 studs wide and a fantastic design. I have never seen other lego buses, but this one is perfectly recognisable. Some people were discussing at A Lego A Day if lego should release a Bus. They have never done so.

Bluebird International S700 School Bus

Bluebird International S700 School Bus

You can check more pictures here!

Lego NorteBrick 2013 Exhibition at Espacio Vias

Hi all! Today i have finished one part of the video presentation of NorteBrick 2013, with the Star Wars, the Workshop, and the City and Licence mocs area on the video. I hope you enjoy it!

We were 24 AFOLs and there were 6000 assistants! What a number! Thank you all fot coming. 😉

It was at Espacio Vias cultural centre, in Leon, Spain, the 23rd and 24th of March.

The most real Lego bike ever made

Enlace permanente de imagen incrustada

Have you ever seen something like this?

ZeeMasterBrick, a FlickR user, has made this fantastic model of a Lego mountain bike, the Trek Superfly 29er… And it is just amazing. It can be compared to a real one, in terms of design…

TREK "Superfly 29er" (Team Z Edition)

You can check more photos about this amazing Lego bike by clicking here. I hope you like it!


Reatus Societati, by Ludgonious

Behind the strange name of the moc and the author, Ludgonious, there is a very orginial moc…

Reatus Societati

“Highly sedated prisoners pay their debt to society by continuously donating blood and plasma during their sentences.”

This is how the Reatis Society works, at least in the imagination of this Lego mocer. Very imaginative, yes, but it also made me felt nervous. We could say this is an emotive moc.

I really reccomend you to follow this Lego mocer on FlickR, becouse he has some great creations…

LIU Atlas - Udo Messis Preview

Charlevoix Public Library

Commission - Charlevoix Public Library“Built with over 5,000 bricks from 23 different resellers  in only a month and a half, this 70×70 architectural model of the Charlevoix Library’s building and grounds was my first commissioned Lego model, and truly my first architectural replication.

Starting with only the original blueprints of the building, and some photographs and drawings, I designed the building itself in LDD before agonizing over how to produce a parts list from the program, and free-handing the grounds, parking lot, and landscaping. The build was a blast, and I can’t thank the library enough for giving me this opportunity.”
Southwest Elevation
This huge architectural building has been made by Paul Vermeesch and its a great example of what the money can do :D. But i must add that the design is very clever, with nice colours and beautiful trees and cars. I will say that the shape of this Lego building is the best part.

North ElevationThat curved road is pretty! And the orange floor is a great detail.


I love the way he has done the entire building. More phottos can be seen here.


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