Parisian Restaurant Review

Last week we posted the Lego 10243 Parisian Restaurant video review. The set was raffled in that event and the lucky member Nxtorm (Who has appeared at YB several times) got it.

And he has done a fantastic ultra-complete review of the set, which I highly reccomend you to check if this set is in your mind for christmas.

 The review of the set is here! I hope you like it!

More Ninjago Lego sets for 2013

It is not a lego theme that I love, but many children do. Few years ago there was a rumour that the Ninjago Lego Theme would be replaced by Legends of Chima… Anyway it hasn´t happned. Here you have the spoiler and one of the sets ;).

More info at HispaLUG: Click!

Upcoming Lego Event in Spain!!!

There is an upcoming Lego Event in Spain. The HispaLUG Expo will be held in Madrid the 30th of November and the 1st of December.
May I see you there? 🙂

Lego GBCs will be on display… And we will have videos of them.

PEGASO 2080/50 in Lego

Nothing to say about this grand model by the HispaLUG  user. Cabecin.

I highly recommend you to see the original post, where you would find great pics. Click Here!



The Dalek Invasion of Earth, in Lego

Do you remember this scene of one of the first chapters of Doctor Who? Well, it has now been made out of Lego! LokosuperfluoLEGOman is the author. he is an HispaLUG and ALE member.

Thank you for sharing it with us!

Lego GBC Jumper Module

An image is better than a thousand words:

Lego GBC Jumper Module

Today I present you my Lego GBC Jumper Module. Basically it consists of a bar connected to a shock absorver. When pressure is left, all the force is released and the ball is fired.
This is so far the most complex GBC I have ever posted (There are many “big fails” that I will never publish… But much more complex). Besides this in that small space we can find two links going up and down and a ball remover.

Lego GBC Jumper Module

Apparently it has no errors. The only small problem happens when the ball is elevated. Sometimes it doesn´t fall to the launcher.

I am very proud of this module. It has been many months in my mind, undergoing continuous changes, until I have solved them. In part, the previous module (Which you can see here) was made to cheer me up, because this was all a puzzle.

The original idea for the kick launcher comes from Philip Verbeek (The European Akiyuki… He has some impressive GBCs. Ought to see them). The music of the video is owned by Alasdair Fraser. I hope you enjoy it.



The perfect (Lego) present for Christmas

A reindeer in a buble all together in a Christmas Tree, and it is Lego. What else do you want? :D.

This is the latest Lego polybag that has appeared. It will be released this summer with the code 850852.

Hope you liked it!

Lego GBC Accelerator Module (INSTRUCTIONS TOO)

Good and warm morning everyone! Today I present you the last GBC Module that has left my hands, a Lego Ball Accelerator.

Lego GBC Accelerator Module

Original name: Accelerator Module
Number of pieces: 335
Bulilding Time: 5 hours (not counting the fail of the first version)
Size: 16×32 studs
Instructions available: YES

Lets see a general overview of the module.

The mechanism is relatively simple. A Lego PF M motor moves an axle. This axle is divided into two, one part goes to move the wheel, increasing the relationship between gears to go faster, while the other continues straight to the hopper, where a liftarm moves the balls so they don´t roll into a ball.

In the first version the wheel was very loose and not all balls had the speed needed (Some even stayed on the ramp) with the result that it was not effective. In this version the wheel is secured to the floor, the baseplate, so that every ball (Or almost all) pass. The height is over 10 bricks, complying with the rules of the GBCs.

The hopper is my typical 11×11 studs that you can find in the Ball Pump Module.

Without further info, here you have the video. It includes a brief explanation of the module and the itself in action. Hope you like it!

Finally, remind you that you can dwonload the instructions for this Lego GBC module here. Use them at your discreccion ;), but give feedback!

Thanks to all who have made this creation possible, especially the GBCers Philip Verbeek for encouraging and Eran (LegoGBC) for their assistance with Sony Vegas!

You can check YiharuaBlog Flickr photostream here for extra pics.

Invictus, The Ship of the Line

Rad Draven is the author of this mastodont. A 6 kg Lego Ship of the Line, containing 5500 pieces, sized 32×96 studs, with home-made flags. What else do we want? This is The Ultimate Lego Ship of the Line.

Oh! And I forgot to say that it is  modular, soy we can access its 66 cannons. Amazing.

Have you ever played Empire Total War? Well, this ship is exactly like the game´s. I love it. According to Rad Draven, the author, it took more than 18 months to develop and built this monster.

I can only say congrats to this Spanish author, who has made one of the greatest Spanish mocs. Thank you Rad!

You can check more photos at Rad Draven´s FlickR Gallery

You will enjoy it. For sure. 😉

The Fool

Hi everybody! Today’s creation was made with a bunch of resourcefullness and patience. Difool, member of HispaLUG has made it. Lok. The Fool.
It is, in fact, a Tarot card. The Fool. If I am not wrong, one of the first cards.

You can check the HispaLUG post here (in Spanish).
Difool is a well-known Lego mocer that has appeared several times at YIHARUABLOG. You can view Difool’s FlickR gallery here

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