Piano Shop with Lego

The Spanish Lego mocer Nxtorm has made a quite nice Lego Modular Building. It is called the Lego Piano Shop.
As he usually does, his creation has plenty of droids, instead of minifigures. I love that: it is something unique from him.
The design of the wall is brilliant. There are many 1×1 tiles…
He also made his own Lego pianos, except for the one on the right, which is a mod from a Lego Friends set.

You can check more photos of this astonishing creation by Nxtorm here

See you!

Lego Modular Church

The HispaLUG user co-lega made for christmas a fantastic Lego church. It took part on his Christmas village, and she presented it today. (It isn´t always too late! :D)

Despite its beautiful and compact appearance, it has a complete modular design.

Yes, the roof can be taken out, and the interior of the Lego modular building can be seen.

It looks like the bishop s giving mass… 🙂

The entrasnce of it is amazing. With 1×1 round tiles. This transparent and coloured pieces give to the windows a wonderful style.

But what I like the most are those Lego Technic pieces in the roof of the church… Thay are resembling a catholic cross. Technic pieces fit perfectly in that role.

I hope you liked it as much as me. You can see the complete article in HispaLUG


St. Paul´s London Cathedral in Lego

Posted Image

Eurobricks day! :D. Today and tomorrow we´ll have some posts by eurobricks members. In this case, the St. Paul´s Cathedral has been made by the user MECHALEX and it is a great example on how to build in a mid scale with lego.

Posted Image

I have been there, and it is totally recognisable. For those who hasn´t ever seen it here is a photo of the real one.


The rest of the pics are here.

See you! Have a nice evening!

Fanmade Ole Kirk house

Legospain, member of hispalug, has done his own famous of the famous set of the Ole Kirk house. His moc has 910 pieces and is exactly like the real one.


Isnt it like the real one? 🙂

The Dragon breeder Magician’s house

Manatarms, member of hispalug, the Spanish Lego Forum, has created a great, fantastic, aswesome, creative, extraordinary (I dont have more words!) moc… Please, admire this moc:

Nothing bad to say. The use of the pieces is so good, and the inclined buildings give the moc a tale look.

And the tower, the magician, the dragon, the roof… All lego bricks, but it looks like a tale…

7 hiurs if work and around 200 pieces.

More photos here.

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Massao Hidaka, another Japanesse Lego genius

I have just found the channel of Massao Hidaka, another outstanding Lego builder from Japan…

His monorails and furniture have a great recognition over the world. He has gone to BrickFair for this reason.

I highly recommend to visit her youtube channel ;). ;Massao Hidaka

A Lego Palace

Dongo has made it! What a wonderfull creation! It was completely shown at the Hispalug Expo, our national event, and it is quite impressive. Not only its size, but the design as well.




The making out can be seen througout this post. Enjoy! 🙂

Lego Indian House

Not the common indian house, but a Spanish Indian house (The Spanish indians were people who emigrate to America the last century searching for a better life)

Indians used to come back to Spain with lots of money, and they built great houses. This creation by Koska, member of Hispalug, is one of those buildings. It is almost the same, except for the garden.

This is the original house.

I hope you liked it. You can see the post on hispalug by clicking here.

The Farm

What a farm! Mike Yoder presents us his last MOC. This farm is full of details!

Just incredible. You can se a video of it by clicking here.

I hope you liked the article!

Lego TeaHouse

Qi_tah, a flickr user, has posted a faboulous moc. A Lego made Teahouse.

Full of details, you can see the complete gallery and the technics used here.

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