Groumet Bricks

Gourmet Bricks

Sean and Steph Mayo, some of the greatest Lego mocers outside there, and Mark of Falworth, other completely awesome builder, have challenge theirselves with a food competition: The Groumet Brick. Which pic do you prefer?

Gourmet Building

Would you like a piece of cake sir?

We had featured a beautiful lego wedding cake once at YIHARUABLOG but here it is another one. I would love to get married with this. Oh, sorry! Not with the Lego cake 😛

Wedding Celebration

Our friend Enrique sent us a wonderful pic through Electricbricks webpage. How would you celebrate your wedding? Is it something better than doing it with a Lego cake? 😀
Congratulations Enrique!

Remember, if you have any great Lego photo, sent it to us!

Hungry? Take this Lego hamburger!

Facepalm… We have a foody day today. 😀


I was on twitter today and i found a twitter of @TheBrickNetwork about breakfast… Why don’t a Lego one?


I said: well, i am eating now a brickburger with 1×4 yellow tiles. I had a big surprise when i search for lego food on google and found these fantastic photos.

They make me feel really hubgry! XD


I hope you liked these legp dishes!

Are you hungry?

The sandwich that eats like a meal.

I have recently found Angus McLane FlickR photostream. This hamburger made out of lego (And Star Wars pieces… :D) impressed me a lot!

There! I Lego´ed you are EGGO

I dont understand the meaning of it… But the moc is wonderful! I am hungry now! 😛

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The big day is here.