Lego Technic Motorized 4×4 Dakar Truck

A complete Lego Dakar Truck. Lastly we are featuring a lot of technic models. Don´t you think? Sheepo´s and Sariel´s for example… WEll, that is nice.

This amazing Lego Truck is at the level of Sariel´s creations. You will enjoy the video. :).

PEGASO 2080/50 in Lego

Nothing to say about this grand model by the HispaLUG  user. Cabecin.

I highly recommend you to see the original post, where you would find great pics. Click Here!



Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 in Lego

No other than Sheepo, the most famous Lego Technic builder in the world, could have built this magnificient beast. The Lego Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is the ultimate supercar.

Gearbox, brakes, doors, chassis, and many many features. You can check them in the video:

I hope you love it. This is as always incredible. Sheepo is. You can check his webpage for full info and pics:

Dakar Hummer in Lego

Lego Hummer

Amazing model built by LegoMarat. He has posted full details about this specific Hummer:

“Robby Gordon is American racing driver. Over the years he participated in many kinds of racing.
I modeled Dakar Hummer H3, driven by him and his co-driver Johnny Campbell during 2012 Dakar Rally Raid in South America.

Lego Hummer Robby GordonThe model features: rear wheel drive via 2 L-motors, steering via servo-motor, front and rear independent suspension, open-able hatch with 2 spare wheels, detailed livery and custom painted rims.”

I hope you liked it. You can check his full gallery here!

M2 Bradley IFV in Lego

Zackhariah Macasaet has made a new tank out of Lego pieces. And I must admitt his quality is really good. A Lego M2 Bradley IFV… It is highly reccomended to see the video of this beast:

He has appeared once more at Yiharuablog, with another amazing model of a Lego Abrahams. Check it here!

And again a Lego Bulldozer

Jorgeopesi, a Spanish AFOL of Technic, is building a bulldozer once more (According to him :D).

His Lego Technic creations are amazing, and in this video we can see a little preview of how the new Lego Bulldozer will be.

Pat Duffy Lego Truck

SCANIA LB 141 "PAT DUFFY" presented by Bibendum & Flipje

Andrea Lattanzio, who is a FlickR user, contacted me some months ago by Facebook. I was getting used to it, and didnt see her message. Well, today I have seen it and here it is his creation: A Lego Scania LB 141!

This is for you Andrea! :P. Remember readers, if you have a Lego creations and want it to be posted here, just ask. I am not everywhere!


“In October 2012 I found in a forum for English truckers a great SCANIA LB 141 with a very fascinating colour scheme; after reading a lot of posts I discovered it was the 141 used in the seventies by an English hauler located on the Hampshire called “Pat Duffy” (Patrick J Duffy Transport).
In the seventies this 141, with many others “brothers”, operated on traction work hauling other companies trailers all over Europe, it carried loads of Sony TVs to Milan (where I live) also to Barcelona, Lisbon and Athens.
The LB 141 was released by the Swedish manufacturer in 1976; it was identical to the 140 but it had a most powerful engine unit (385 HP).

SCANIA LB 141 "PAT DUFFY" - tools box

Stunned by the story and the style of “Pat Duffy” tractor in November 2012 I started building the 1/13 LEGO model. On February 2013 it was finished and ready to be placed close to my LB 140 yellow and blue. I love the colour scheme and the accessories as the Hella supplemental lights, the side ladder and the luggage rack. I also like the double english plate on the back.”

So this is the story of the creation. Thank you for sharing it with me Andrea! You can see many more pictures of this creation at his FlickR Gallery.


Lego Citroen 2CV Charleston

And Nico 71, the author, states that it is a wip… I just don´t believe it. Watch the video:

Amazing right? It has many features…

US Truck in Lego

Posted Image

This amazing Lego US Truck made by Ingmar Spijkhoven has a very imponente front. It looks just amazing, and fears a bit. The colour palethe is incredible: he mixes blie, red with white, yes, but I find the mix of blues (Light and dark) clever.

Posted Image

He has made instructions and a part list for it which you can find here and here. The only disadvantage I found is the prize of the isntructions… Anyway, this is the video:

All-Terrain Panda

This is a real 4×4 Fiat Panda:

Lego Fiat Panda 4x4

P-Lego has built it. As we can see at his blog its features and measures are:

– Front and rear live axle
– 4×4
– Openable hood and doors
– Power functions

27cm x 12cm x 12.5cm
690g weight

Thank you for sharing it with us P-Lego!

I have the feeling that there are a lot of posts about vehicles and technic lately… 😀

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