Homer and Marge Simpson

Homer and Marge Simpson, from a new Lego set for 2014. Found in (god) google! Would you buy Lego “The Simpsons” sets?

Lego Christmas Scene

A new Lego Association has been created in Spain. It is called Asociacion Piezas (Pieces association in English) and they are growing really fast! Their Lego Christmas scene is a good example:

What I most love are the stickers with the adverts and names of the shops.

There are plenty of details in this big layout that includes all the Lego Modular Buildings up to date.

You can check more pictures and the facebook page of the assosiation here!

Merry Christmas!

Steve Gerling Blocumentary

Master builder Steve Gerling tells the story of his life: How he has becomed a Lego worker. Basically it is another interesting chapter of the Blocumentary Lego is doing. Enjoy!

Build your own snow day

We are aproaching to the summer, and the weather is getting insufferable. The Lego Group presents us an idea about how to change it. I wish this was real…

It least it was humouristic :P.

Pimp my Bricks

Pimp My Bricks ‏@PimpMyBricks is a Twitter user that publishes everyday around 3 or 4 MOCs from AFOLs all around the world.

Original 🙂

I really love what he is doing becouse it is a nice way to see fantastic mocs that otherwise I´d never see.

I highly recommend you to follow him on Twitter. Some of my post were made with his twits.

This is one example of it, the previous article.


NorteBrick 2013 Interview on PuntoRadio CyL

Here we have it, my interview on Punto Radio CyL radio… I was so nervous! I think  that you will not understand too much… But i am so proud of it! Please, attend to NorteBrick 2013, the Lego evento on the North of Spain. Click here for more info.

The complete conversation is here, on the minute 68.

Lego Stories

Very emotive video… But i think there is something wrong. I understand this is a comercial video, but why lego desactivate commentaries? I cant stop thinking that the reason is the young girl…

Oh! And i must say sorry. I havent post anything yestarday, but it was a very busy day. I hope you understand it ;).

TLG wishes you a Happy Holiday!

Nortebrick 2013March 23rd, 2012
The big day is here.