HispaLUG Expo about to start!

3 days for the beggining of the Spanish National Lego Event, the HispaLUG Expo 2013. I want to see you there!

Yiharuablog will be there :).

Economy and Lego Events

A recent new from a newspaper in Leon, Spain, revealed that the Lego Event that we organizated (NorteBrick 2013) helped the cultural center to be still alive.

Well, NorteBrick 2013 atracted more than 2000 people a day, and the townhall of Leon has decided not to delete Espacio Vias, the cultural center, from his agenda. We are very proud of this!


This is the new I mentioned: El Ayto. de Leon apuesta por Espacio Vias como centro cultural de referencia

Upcoming Lego Event in Spain!!!

There is an upcoming Lego Event in Spain. The HispaLUG Expo will be held in Madrid the 30th of November and the 1st of December.
May I see you there? 🙂

Lego GBCs will be on display… And we will have videos of them.

Catbrick 2013

Hi everybody! This weekend we have a huge Lego event in Spain that you should not miss! It is Catbrick 2013, and it will took place at St. Adria de Besos, this Saturday and Sujday (13th and 14th of July)

You are all invited to assist at this wonderful Lego Event. Catbrick will held a fantastic Lego TLOTR diorama… You cannot miss it!

MADBrick Evolution Lego event

It started yestarday a new Lego event, MADBrick evolution, and it will be the longest Lego event in Spain: 5 days of Lego fun!

It is held in Madrid, Spain, and organized by ALE.

The Lego dioramas showed look pretty good.

Some new photos will appear this week. Now, I can only reccomend you to enter the oficcial ALE webpage here.

NorteBrick Lego Event conmemorative brick

We finally have it!!! :D. What happynes! Our own event in the North of Spain, organized by Hispalug, with the collaboration of ALE, Lego and the León Town Hall.


I hope you like it! We really do! :D.

Lego 2012 Bricksur at Granada, Spain.

A Lego Fan event is being held in Granada this days. Afols of all Spain are ppresenting now some creation and group dioramas. Just see:

This lego castle diorama is impressive. It uses a modular wall design so it fits perfectly everywhere.

The boats are fantastic as well! Look at the sails!

The Star Wars diorama is as good.

Well done, Hispalug ;).

Nortebrick 2013March 23rd, 2012
The big day is here.