Big Heads in Lego

Manatarms, from HispaLUG, the Spanish Lego forum, is having a creative week. He has made two outstanding MOCs.
Mark Wazoski is one of the two main characters in Monsters SA. This Lego Version of Mark is almost as the cartoon!
I guess this Purple Wizard (As he call it) is an inspirational MOC; it has no cartoon. However, it is as outstanding as the previous one!!! Have you seen the use of those Lego Croisants? Amazing…

You can check the original article by Manatarms here

Art and Lego

Can this be considered as art? It is an sofa with a Lego look (Not made out of Lego).
It was taken in a museum at New York, though it is not the Nathan Sawoya’s :D.

Nathan Sawaya amazes us again…

If you live in NY or surroundings, this is a lucky day for you. Why? You aren’t far from the astonishing Lego exhibition that Nathan Sawaya is helding in Times Square.

You may say what is new? He already has an exhibition. Please, have a look at this.
Yes. The Mona Lisa at the start and this other painting are now part of his creations. Bet there are many other great Lego paintings.
The girl with a pearl earing in Lego. It is amazing. How can Nathan Sawaya achieve this?

You can see a full complete aricle about his exhibition of Lego paintings at My Modern Net

The exhibition name: The Art of the Brick.

I hope you liked it!

New Lego Art – Hello Kitty

I am amazed by this creation… Eilonwy77 has created a new type of Lego building: I would call it the “Not Joint Pieces” or something like that.

I guess he has been working with that type of building technique as we can see in his other picture.

I Spy... a Pie! (see description for clues)

Well done Eilonwy!

You can find her FlickR gallery here.

Nathan Sawaya’s Lego Art

Nathan Sawaya is a famous AFOL from New York which is always making new Lego creations. Most of them (well, all :D) are real sized.
That bike is also awesome.
You should search more info about Nathan in Google.
See you!

BrickArt: Lego Iron Man 3

Amazing video by brickshowtv showing us the making-off of a Lego Iron Man 3 picture. I guess it has been done using a computer program. You should take a look.

Isn´t it amazing? Mike Metcalf is the author. I wish I could draw like him.

Lego Spirograph 2

LegoGBC saw yesterday the Lego Spirograph from the youtuber Pg5200 and told me there was a simpler version made by another author.

Here you have it. This Lego Technic Spirograph uses a 4 speed gearbox. Incredible…

I hope you liked it! If so, you can share it.

The Vitruvian Minifig

Thanks to The Brothers brick for this article. 😉

Kevin Hinkle, a lego comunitiy coordinator, is also a great artist. Look his new image:


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