Lego GBC ROD now with instructions!

Do you remember the Lego GBC ROD module?

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It was made by the Spanish Lego GBCer Parda (Who also made this fantastic article with tips for GBCs). A while ago he asked me to make the lxf file for it, so users could download it and use Lego Digital Designer to build it.

Well, here it is the LDD File! Download it here!

Some extra data about this GBC. Here you can see how it started:

It was the very first Lego GBC module I did!


Well, it is not exactly the same but similar :). And it was done without any kind of instructions :D.

And a link to the gallery: Click!

I hope you liked it!

Custom Lego Star Wars

Checking my FlickR I came around with some really interesting Lego Star Wars pics.
FlickR user Manatarms has made an impressive (WIP?) moc of General Grievous. This Lego version is so funny!
Custombricks has also made a fantastic job with this Micro Lego R2-D2! Apparently, it uses a similar system to the creeps of Lego Minecraft seets. Very original!

And again a Lego Bulldozer

Jorgeopesi, a Spanish AFOL of Technic, is building a bulldozer once more (According to him :D).

His Lego Technic creations are amazing, and in this video we can see a little preview of how the new Lego Bulldozer will be.

Spanish RENFE 252 “Taxi”

Mtrkustoms, member of HIspaLUG, the Spanish lego forum, has posted a wonderful creation. It is the typical Train Engine that we used to see back in the 90s. Very faomous, and still in use. Its Lego version is amazing:

Compare it with the real one.

The side of the engine can be removed, so we can see its lego interior.

I highly recommend to see more pics and videos about this train in the author´s gallery. I hope you liked it!

Mini Modular – Ice cream Shop

The history of this moc is a little bit particular. MSP, membrr of HispaLUG, tried to reproduce a moc of Pretor, another Spanish AFOL. And he achieved it…
This is the original MOC by Pretoriano. And the Lego version by MSP is down here:
I highly recommend you to visit MSP website, Brickrunerto see further details.

I hope you liked it!

P.S.: I am so sorry for the lack of cotent in the blog, but I am doing a 6 hours a day intensive course so I don’t have much time.

P.S.2: I have an informatic friend working on the private domain of YIHARUABLOG :).


Catbrick 2013

Hi everybody! This weekend we have a huge Lego event in Spain that you should not miss! It is Catbrick 2013, and it will took place at St. Adria de Besos, this Saturday and Sujday (13th and 14th of July)

You are all invited to assist at this wonderful Lego Event. Catbrick will held a fantastic Lego TLOTR diorama… You cannot miss it!

Piano Shop with Lego

The Spanish Lego mocer Nxtorm has made a quite nice Lego Modular Building. It is called the Lego Piano Shop.
As he usually does, his creation has plenty of droids, instead of minifigures. I love that: it is something unique from him.
The design of the wall is brilliant. There are many 1×1 tiles…
He also made his own Lego pianos, except for the one on the right, which is a mod from a Lego Friends set.

You can check more photos of this astonishing creation by Nxtorm here

See you!

(Twitter) Bird in Lego

It is supposed to be a Lego Twitter Bird for a competition in the Spanish Lego Forum, but in my humble opinion it looks like the blue Angry Birds.

Haha! Anyway, wiwaedu is an imaginative guy. ;). I really love the look of the bird.

Many other pictures can be seen at his FlickR Gallery.

Thank you Wiwaedu for your awesome MOCs!

Classic Truck

Aitoruco, member of HispaLUG, has made a fantastic creation. It is an old Lego Truck, and looks like a 20th century one. The details are everywhere.

It looks like this without any materials on it.

It has been made for a mining diorama. In my opinion it would fit perfectly on it. What I most like is the front of it. In only 3 studs and a half he has a variety of pieces that impress me.

Well done Aitor! You can check the HispaLUG post here

SdKfz 1/6 from PanzerBricks

Legotron, admin of the famous SWW Blog PanzerBricks has posted his laste creation, a Lego SdKfz 1/6:

His sceneries are just wonderful. I really reccomend you to check his webpage for full info.

The Lego Moc gas 374 pieces and can transport a great group of minifigs. It is well recreated.

You can check his webpage here!

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