Lego Miguelete from Valencia

Sehjo is a Spanish AFOL whose objective is to build the most famous landmarks from Valencia, Spain, in Lego. He is achieving it…

"El Miguelete" y puerta Barroca

His creation was featured on the famous Lego blog “The Brothers Brick”!!!

I am very proud of this Spanish AFOL, which is doing great on making our comunity famous.

Even the Simpsons were there!

You can see the original article here. I hope you liked his creation!

He has also been featured on yiharuablog with this Medieval Wall.

Lego Medieval Village

A beautiful village has appeared in the eurobricks forum. You can find it at the Historic theme forum.

Conpletly detailed… With witches, kniwghts and warrios. And of course a mill and a house. Just see.


The building of the mill is very interesting as well, with all those tiles.


The house has a similar building technic. With lego everything is posible…


The witches and orcs.


You can see the rest of the photos in this eurobricks post.

I hope you liked the article! Share it if it is your will ;).

Lego Vulcan Hall

Thanks to The Brothers Brick.

Fantastic creation by ZCerberus, a vigilance tower. Enjoy. 🙂

Medieval Wall

Sehjo, member of the Spanish Lego forum HispaLUG, has created a new system of modular walls. Several users of the forum had join his idea and are now creating new mocs! Maybe we could see a complete castle on the next hispalug expo.

All this pictures belong to the fantastic Medieval Wall of Carlichi69, another user o HispaLUG. Inside the castle there is a lot of detail!

Enjoy the pictures!

You can see the rest of the photos on his HispaLUG´s post:

What do you think of this system?

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