Lego GBC 7, by Philip Verbeek

Our personal GBC engineer (Just joking :P) Philip Veerbek has just made a new Lego GBC layout. As we are used to, he has done several modules with few PF motors and original mechanisms,

Thank you for givingus ideas and for sharing your creations! We really apreciate it!

The European Akiyuki´s “bro” channel can be seen here: Philip Verbeek

Philip Verbeek, a famous GBCer

That title is now really true. In fact, Philip Verbeek is achieving a lot of popularity. Don´t you know him? After the Akiyuki effect, Verbeek´s GBC videos are the best! Congrats Philip ;).

But this article isn´t only intended to admire him. He has built a new Lego GBC, which has achieved 3000 views so long, and it is the oportunity to present it on Yiharuablog.

I am always proud of new GBC on our sfere, and Philip GBCs are always fantastic. Not only becouse of the mechanisms that are used, which are great and innovative, but also becouse of his ability to record videos with good soundtrack

Thank you!

Philip Verbeek, the Lego GBC master

After Akiyuki, Philip Verbeek has achieved the highest views in youtube for an only module… Congrats Philip!

You must remember that Yiharuablog discovered this fantastic author many months ago.

Lego GBC 5 by Philip Verbeek

You will know that I am a real enthusiastic of Lego GBCs, and it is what I most like (Even more than Lego Technic). That is the mainly reason for posting every new GBC creation I see on the net. (Dont doubt to tell me if you see one that is not here!

This time, Philip Verbeek has made a great job. With only one motor he was able to build a 6 modules Lego GBC layout. Well done!

I have enjoyed it a lot, in part becouse it is uncommon, but also becouse the music is aswesome!

The mechanisms used are very clever, as the ball launcher and the cart. Congrats Philip, you are getting better every day ;).

You can see more Philip creations here!

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