The Witch Lego GBC

Pg5200, a known man here at YIHARUABLOG, has published a new GBC recently.

It may not seem so mew. It is just a wheel. But the Lego Witch and the design are very original. This is another example of how to make an original Lego GBC.

Lego Citroen 2CV Charleston

And Nico 71, the author, states that it is a wip… I just don´t believe it. Watch the video:

Amazing right? It has many features…

A Seaplane in Lego Technic

PG52, a Youtuber and member of the French Lego Lug, has made a new Lego Technic MOC, quite impressive; well designed and with some interesting functions.


It looks great, doesn´t it? You can check this link for more photos and info (In French) of the Seaplane.

Enjoy the video!


The openable Lego Book

Posted Image

74louloute is the author and he is really clever. I cannot imagine how difficult can be one of this books…

Posted Image

Posted Image

It is highly reccomended to see his post in Eurobricks to realize how incredible this book is… Just amazing. Amaziness out of Lego.

WIP – Lego Clock

Nico71, a quite famous Lego youtuber, has started a new creation. This time it is a Lego Clock, with an interestin mechanism. Highly reccomended to have a look.

He is really smart. The only counterpart is that the clock is energy-consuming. Anyway, I will follow his work. :).

Lego Technic Spirograph building help

Pg5200 was featured some days ago at Yiharuablog becouse of his great Lego Technic Spirograph. Today, he has posted a great building help of his Lego creation.

I hope you liked it! Will you give it a chance?

Lego Technic Detachable Gondola

Pg5200 has recently finished his most complicated project, a lego detachable gondola.

Unfortunately i had a similar project, but i didn’t end it at time, so congrats pg ;).

Lego Technic Fire Truck

Pg5200, a french technic moccer from Setechnic, has made a Lego Fire Brigade Truck. Even though the design is not the best, the quality of its funtions are remarkable.

I hope you like it! Pg5200 has also been featured at yiharuablog twice. Check him!

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