Good memories of this blog

Hi, I am Javier de Sande, creator of Yiharuablog back in 2011.

When I first started to realize that I could create a big enough blog and that it was satisfying for me I knew it was the time to create Yiharuablog. Many years have passed since that day. Two or three years with this free domain. And then at the end of 2013 I decided it was the time to jump to a paid domain and became

But after one year I started university and it was all gone. No more blog posts in 2015. And in 2016, or 2017.

Today I am writting for the shake of it. To remember old stories and to tell a small story about myself. About what it was this blog and what I am now.

As I stated before, I went to university to study. I was accepted in the Faculty of Medicine. And here I am, four years later and more than half of my degree aproved.

So the spark of writting blog posts continue with me, and back in august 2017 I started a new blog. About my life and about medicine, and in my mother language, spanish. I am talking about Medico En Piezas, a blog that I hope to develop for my entire career (altough it first has to become a premium blog without the tag).

I hope you are all doing great with Lego. My fever for it has passed for a time. I suppose I am in my so called “dark ages”. Well, some day I will come back. There are still all of my bricks back in my bedroom.

See you soon. It is always a pleaseure.

Javier de Sande Inyesto, León, 10th July 2018

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