Parisian Restaurant Review

Last week we posted the Lego 10243 Parisian Restaurant video review. The set was raffled in that event and the lucky member Nxtorm (Who has appeared at YB several times) got it.

And he has done a fantastic ultra-complete review of the set, which I highly reccomend you to check if this set is in your mind for christmas.

 The review of the set is here! I hope you like it!

Lego Public Library and Garden

Wow! Nxtorm, member of HispaLUG and admin of The Blog Of Droi / El Blog de Droi (Spanish Blog) has came with a new type of modular building I have never seen ever before!

Well, ok. In this first photo you don´t see such a new modular design. only a great, beautiful, colorful moc. But wait…

Details of the Garden.

The favourite photo of the author, nxtorm.

And then the modular design appears. Only removing a 1×6 black tile…

And we can see all the interior of the building! Instead of being a up to down modular design as we always see it is a front modular design! Incredible. Well done nxtorm.

And finally the other part of the building, the removed one:

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Finally, you can see all the pics on the Picasa album. Click Here

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