2 years of Yiharuablog

Today, the 23rd of December, is Yiharuablog´s anniversary. We have been publishing articles for two years so far. And we are proud of it.

We want to give you some info about this 2 years of Yiharuablog :).

YiharuaBlog Central Offices in a busy day.

After two years of hard work for the lego work Yiharuablog has:

-Published 810 articles, including guides, GBCs, Events coverage, Flickr and Youtube creations, and many, many other.

-Received 80.000 visits of more than 10.000 unique visitors.

-Got 700 commentaries of about 30 people.

-Been featured in Pages like BrickRssSariel.plEurobricks and Lugpol.

We had a lot of activity in Social Networks during these two years of Yiharuablog.

-We oppened our Yiharuablog Twitter account (YiharuaT) on the 7th of August of 2012. We have now 13 hundred twits and over 220 followers. Thank you!

-Our recently opened Facebook Yiharuablog page has received 31 likes (Not a big cifer, but a lot for us) and it has 100 articles published.

-The YiharuaF account on Flickr has 300 photos published.

Yiharuablog on Youtube is our jewel of the crown. 50.000 views, 300 suscribers and 40 videos support it.

Thank you for your support to Yiharuablog during these 2 years. We hope to see you and your Lego pieces here for another 2 years at least.

Nortebrick 2013March 23rd, 2012
The big day is here.