Exclusive Parisian Restaurant Presentation

The Lego 10243 set, the Parisian Restaurant, is the latest of the modular buildings sets that lego has been producing this years.

This one is expeted for 2014, but meanwhile we had an exclusive presentation of it at the HispaLUG Expo 2013, a lego event in Spain.

Rest In Peace, Nelson Mandela


Rest in peace, Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, who died yesterday, the 5th of December of 2013. He will be remembered in Spain.

Akiyuki interviewed by Lego

Thanks to LegoGBC who has sent us the info about the interwiev that Akiyuki has just had with Lego in the Blocumentary series. Amazing!

I hope you liked it!

Lego GBC Japan 2013 in Tsukuba

Enjoy this akiyuki GBC video! We will be doing another GBC video of the HispaLUG Expo soon as well ūüôā

New Lego GBC Loop

Last week we posted some videos of Yattaran, a new Lego GBCer. Well, this week he has posted his loop, and here we have it. I hope you like it!


Best Custom Minifig Ever

This Lego Minifig by CustomMinifig.co.uk has impressed me a lot. It is Eva, from Metal Gear Solid 3, and it is very characteristical… It has … Well you see it ;). ūüėõ

You can see the original article here!

On my way to the Hispalug Expo!

2013-11-29 14.57.12Everything packed and ready to go to the biggest Spanish Lego Event, the HispaLUG Expo!!!

20131109-122753.jpgWe will be there saturday and sunday. You can watch us live in this link!


HispaLUG Expo about to start!

3 days for the beggining of the Spanish National Lego Event, the HispaLUG Expo 2013. I want to see you there!

Yiharuablog will be there :).

Party Stormtrooper

Party! …sad stormtrooper #lego¬†

I guess he is happy… But I cannot distinguish… :).

Photo found on the ALE Facebook page.

Lego GBC ROD now with instructions!

Do you remember the Lego GBC ROD module?

Posted Image

It was made by the Spanish Lego GBCer Parda (Who also made this fantastic article with tips for GBCs). A while ago he asked me to make the lxf file for it, so users could download it and use Lego Digital Designer to build it.

Well, here it is the LDD File! Download it here!

Some extra data about this GBC. Here you can see how it started:

It was the very first Lego GBC module I did!


Well, it is not exactly the same but similar :). And it was done without any kind of instructions :D.

And a link to the gallery: Click!

I hope you liked it!

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